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  1. Paratrooper

    Congress lot

    Not to forget the path the rain takes when it REALLY comes down. It's good to see where and the size of any washes.
  2. Here in Mohave county I can go to the Assessors site (county) and scan an area and see who or what has ownership/control of any area. It's a Google Earth type layout with lines superimposed over it to show ownership. If you can't get that information then there will be numbers that can be checked in the same website showing who owns/pays taxes on every plot. If it shows Public land BUT someone is claiming ownership then their WILL be a record at the offices of the entity that they claim they purchased it from.
  3. That happened about 3 miles from me as the crow flies. I've passed that old barn a jillion times but never went over and dicked with it. It seems like it can happen anywhere.
  4. I had one for quite a while. Downside: It was heavy. Upside: I called it the beast and for good reason. If there was ANYTHING under that coil you would surely know about it. It got EVERYTHING. Good deep machine. Chris is right about the amplifier. Get that unit and you will dig DEEP where others got NO signal and moved on.
  5. Not to forget that Steve knows more about MD coils and the related science than ANYONE in the universe. He is "the fount of knowledge" when he speaks on that subject. It was my pleasure to listen to him in Prescott a couple of years ago. If it were not for time constraints we would ALL have surely left that building with a Phd in Coiloligy. (YES, that is a word.) Or at least it is NOW!
  6. Paratrooper


    Hey TROOP, Cut to the chase and get one of these bad boys.
  7. Paratrooper

    Golden Treasure Just Found!

    Gee, I'm trying to remember what happened to Mel Fisher.
  8. Paratrooper

    SD 2200

  9. Paratrooper

    SD 2200

    Hey TROOP, which model are you looking for? There were 2 2200's. One was the green box which was called SD2200d and the blue box which was called SD2200v. Is it green or blue? The reason I ask is that since I own a SD2200d (green box) I have an instructional tape for it which I will lend you.
  10. As the market goes up people lose the fear of the economy having a problem. As that happens gold is not needed as a "safe haven" as it often is. Now, SOMETHING is making that happen. It is one of two things. Either the economy is really doing better OR Bernanke is printing bunches of new money and pumping up Wall Street. If you guess #1 ..... well, you're WRONG. These bozos are trying to spend their (OUR) way into prosperity. It won't work. It's like trying to screw your way back to virginity.
  11. Paratrooper

    minelab 2100

    My 2200d did me a great job. If it wasn't so heavy it would be with me in Gold Basin instead of in my closet.
  12. Paratrooper

    Need Snake Guardz

    AZO sold me mine.
  13. Hey Steve, I doubt that you remember me but I'm the guy that served with your dad over at Charlie AIRBORNE on Fort Rich. I'm glad that you are going to take the time to smell the roses (or nuggets ... whatever) since after all those years working for yourself (the meanest boss on the planet) you deserve time off to do stuff for YOU. I am outside of Kingman AZ about 40 miles south of Gold Basin and usually have a clear schedule if you are ever gonna beep this area. Good luck in your ventures. Let me know if I can help with anything in this area.