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  1. AuTSaurus

    Happy Birthday Doc!

    Happy birthday Doc!, hope you enjoy your new trailer! Looks like a good one! Greg
  2. R.I.P. Mr. Garrett. Mike, I also, still have my ADS Master Hunter with both coils in almost new condition. Greg
  3. A great idea and you brought it to fruition! Amazing effort and time donation by you. I can only echo the other guys and say "THANK YOU, Barry and Leigh!!!!
  4. Nice Chris, really nice. Looks like a good spot. Greg
  5. AuTSaurus

    Happy Birthday Walt!

    Happy Birthday!
  6. AuTSaurus

    They Are Out There ...

    Sorry to hear it happened, Mike, glad he is going to be okay. Greg
  7. A very nice gesture, Shep! Nice specimen. Greg
  8. You bet Mitchel, that pic will do it! With the dime giving scale, it looks to be a little bit bigger than my 2.5 yr. old grandson's hand. Very, very nice find!!!!! Greg
  9. Mitchel, Nice find! Congratulations! Would you post a picture like the second one, only with something, like say a pepsi or coke can near it for scale? Greg
  10. AuTSaurus

    A Few Finds

    Bunk, Translated, it says, "We no lie!" Greg Nice finds!
  11. Bill, I would suggest putting it in a vise(because it is so small and trying to hold it and watch it at the same time will be difficult), Ah, (Frank C beat me with a suggestion, LOL), then while it is held, do what Frank suggests, but watch the contact area with a loupe or other magnifier if you can, while you are attempting to scratch it. Greg
  12. AuTSaurus

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday!
  13. Joe, I just tried it and it works! Really appreciate it! Thank you, Greg