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  1. southerndesert


    I ship them it is just way more costly to the customer to ship and I prefer not to and have them available in my store, If I remember correctly that was in our conversation..... Sorry for any misunderstanding TAZMAN1972 and I get mine from good ol' Bunk as well. Cheers, Bill AKA: NuggetShooter
  2. southerndesert

    Welcome New Team AZO Member!

    How about that Walt! You'll be glad you decided to work with AZO Great outfit, great products! See you at GB in a couple weeks.... good hunting, Bill
  3. southerndesert

    Heard Rumors of Big AZ Nugget?

    What an incredible find and congrats to the happy owner! Ya gotta just wonder how many more are out there just waiting...waiting Thanks for sharing! Bill Southern
  4. southerndesert

    Not a bad weekend!!!

    Hey great story and finds Chris and Joe! Man you must have been pumped! Good to see the day of the patch has not passed Thanks for sharing the fun Bill
  5. southerndesert

    Trying AZOs new stuff

    Howdy Bob, I too am having some good luck with the XP coil. I will be out working with it this weekend also Think I'll try some basalt with it. I'll also be working with Eric Foster's newest GoldScan 5 over the weekend. If you are around RH this weekend I'll be at DC by the cemitery. Bill
  6. southerndesert

    You can help Victims

    Hi All, Thank you Bob for posting and here is some more info about what we hope will be a good show of $$ to help out down South. All proceeds will go directly to the Red Cross. Go here: to get involved http://www.nuggetshooter.ipbhost.com/index.php?showforum=1 OK All, Looks like we have a go here, I will take nugget donations until Tuesday at 6:00PM, please post a photo of the nugget you will donate in a thread for this reason only that I will start. I will move the ones already posted here and thank you. Nuggets should be sent to the below address. Winner will get the whole pile! The thread showing the nuggets will be "pinned" at the top of the Nugget Shooter Forum. We already have an impressive collection going. I will be inviting the AZO forum, Rob's forum, Rod's forum, and any others that would like to help lend a prospectors hand to the victims of Katrina. I will give a receipt for each nugget sent and please use signature verification when you send them so you know I got your donation. I will also set up an account at PayPal where you can buy your tickets since they offer this type of service for credit card users, or you can send your $$ to: Bill Southern PO Box 576 Morristown, AZ 85342 I will figure out the ticket part in the next day or two, i.e.: to send a ticket or.... I am guessing I will mail them to you. The Raffle will last until Sunday the 18th at 6:00PM and I will need a volunteer to draw the winning ticket after everyone has received theirs. This will all be done above board with a receipt from the RED Cross for 100% of money taken in during the raffle less any PayPal fee, I will pick up all expenses for tickets stamps etc. that will be used. If you have any suggestions or ideas contact me before the start of the raffle on Monday the 4th.... Bill
  7. Howdy Chris and All, Well I finally took a needed vacation and although I spent quite a bit of time sightseeing and such I did manage to get in some beeping time also. The nuggets are from Potholes in CA and one is from Laguna and the top line of meteorites is from Gold Basin and the bottom row from Franconia. Bill
  8. southerndesert

    Bills forum

    Everything seems to be working fine. Are you still having a problem? Bill
  9. Great reading Lanny! Thanks for a great adventure to go with my coffee this morning. Bill Southern
  10. southerndesert

    Possible New meteorite Find...

    Hi All, Thanks for all the "atta boys" I am not sure what it will be worth, but so far there is a total of about 870 grams in my space poke. I am most excited by the fact I get to go down in history as the meteorite's finder if in fact it turns out to be a new one and does not pair with some other find after classified. There are none recorded for many miles around so as JB said "there is a good chance it's new" Ya gotta just love this hobby and adding another item to my hunt list (meteorites) was more than welcome! Keep your eyes and mind open out there! Bill
  11. Howdy All, Well this is a quick little post to let you in on a very exciting find (for me anyway) that I made a while back while looking for gold nuggets. I had only been hunting a short while when I crossed into a small drainage on the side of a Granite hill and began moving up the shallow wash when suddenly I got a very good signal. Looking down I saw what looked an awful lot like a meteorite looking back at me. Naw can't be I thought... Well I got it out of the ground and sure enough it was a meteorite! Now the best part is I was no where near any known find so what I have just may be a new find and it is being classified by ASU. This is really exciting for me and it will be really neat if this turns out to be a new AZ meteorite find. I have worked the area pretty well and so far there is about 850 grams in the poke and all seems to fit together into one stone. I will post a long detailed story with more photos and details after the find has been classified at both AZO and my site. Geeeze guys I might get to go down in history with the likes of our very own fat and sassy John B.
  12. Hey nice going Bob and Greg! Lots of water has moved this year and along with it GOLD! The Hassayampa river is still flowing at a good clip down here in the Central Deserts. Little streams are all over in the local mountains and it's downright pretty! The whole desert will be a sea of color soon when all the plants get to flowering. C-Ya, Bill S.
  13. southerndesert

    Back from the Desert!

    Hey Great story and looks like you had a great trip! I think the whole desert looks like a huge golf course now and I cant ever remember it being this green and there are plants growing that haven't been around for years. If it rains anymore we'll need to use a weed eater before hunting Bill
  14. southerndesert

    Kind of a neat find

    Howdy Allen, I always keep stuff like that too and it's amazing some of the neat little tidbits of history that are lying in the deserts rusting away. Good hunting, Bill S.
  15. southerndesert

    Dowsing for gold

    Hi All, I dowse at work to find water lines etc. with almost 100% accuracy, but I have never been able to tune into gold... I know for a fact my trusty GP3000 will find it though Good hunting, Bill S.