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  1. Just a thought, depending on quantity of dirt and type of gold, can you process the dirt yourself on your property??? Also.....and I don't mean this in s disrespectful way but it always seems that America for a 'land of the free' seems to have as many if not more rules/regs as everyone else!...just an observation from afar.
  2. I obviously missed something.how is it resolved?
  3. Hello again CH......ok.........venting ones spleen is a last option........and a good one but it's a LAST option. Like I said,option one is to go higher and try to sort things out verbally. Whilst your prob right in that they would have no obligation to give you a written account of what happened....does it not count in your favour when for example (if it ever got to that stage)where your trying to sort it out at a higher level and your happy to provide a stat dec to the effect that the machine was fine when posted and the service people are not prepared to....get my point??? I know what your saying about companies and there ethics.....but give them a chance to do the right thing.speak to someone higher.
  4. Hey CH.I'm on the other side of the world and so I don't know how things work where you are. My thoughts are firstly to speak with whoever is in charge and if nothing is resolved verbally then stage two begins. You will need to push whoever it is you have spoken to to provide a written account as to exactly what has transpired and most importantly get them to sign it( in Australia we have a statutory declaration form that is a standard but legal blank form that can be filled out whenever someone is making a statement) I'm not talking about a written appraisal on the box but a written account of their exact involvment in it. Getting people to sign something lets them know your serious and it gives you a clue as to what may be going on.that is....if you have to push them to sign it then you can smell a rat straight off........if their telling the truth then they shouldn't hesitate. Also check your insurance policy.what did it cover you for. Most importantly write everything down.what you did/do what they said etc etc. just my thoughts for a start..........
  5. john windsor

    Friends Prospecting Rig

    please don't take offence as none is meant........but what is it with you "yanks" and camoflage?.....Most of the pics on this thread are of your vehicles with camo paint jobs...I don't get it.......
  6. john windsor

    Good Ground Photos

    I don't know your countries geology...I would have said pillow lava...but I haven't seen it with the fractured outer surface....sub aerial weathering may be the cause of that. I see the building in the background...can you sneak in at night?
  7. most people going remote in Australia use an irridium sat phone. Hf was popular when sat phones were up around the six grand mark...but now sat phones are less than 2 grand......and VERY reliable.
  8. ....175...........and rising
  9. so here's the real question mr junk....were you on a live tenement?....did you have permission to prospect or were you poaching?
  10. cheez there pal...the going price for a 3500 is around $3500.00 aud. Have I misread your post or are you taking the piss?
  11. just wondering if anyone has one/uses one and can give me a run down as to how they handle the bush? they are new to oz but sure look the goods...but looks aint everything........
  12. john windsor

    Looking for Suggestions

    Chris..you may want to have a look at a Kubota RTV900...don't know if they sell them in USA..but they will leave the others for dead as far as toughness and lifespan etc. they have a 20hp diesel for a start and are nice and solid...might be worth a look.