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  1. Grapenuts...yeah, definately grapenuts...lol
  2. Hi Earl, A friend of mine caught an inch long cactus spine in her forearm when we were trying to move it indoors during a frost...broke off completely under the skin!She complained about it for a couple of days, then had it surgically removed...4 stitches!...The doggone thing had migrated from where it entered to deep into the muscle!
  3. Thanx for the welcome Montana...Your right, the gold pix are great!...I'm having a great time reading all the posts and looking at everyones finds...and Hello to you Dragonboss...Yep, I've been hearing a lot of good things about the Eureka gold and I might just pick one up in the near future...one of these days I want to get the GP3000, but I don't spend enough time in the field to warrant such a purchase at this time...anyways, back to reading old posts and gathering gold info...take it easy y'all...Kelly
  4. Thanx Lanny I'll do just that...I really like the format and the daily action that THISforum generates...anyways, thanx again for your suggestions and one of these years(haha), I hope to see you at an RH outing...Take it easy...Kelly
  5. Hey y'all, I've been listening to you guys for a couple a weeks now, and ya seem to be a decent bunch a folks! I call myself TheWait because I live in the florida panhandle and it will be a couple of years before I can make it out to the arizona goldfields. For the past 5 years I've been sifting sand on the gulf coast and finding my share of coins, rings, pulltabs, foil and lastly PULLTABS!!!...haha...anyway, I would like to get more into nugget hunting. I am an LDMA member and am going to the loud mine georgia outing in May,(my first outing), and I was wondering if anyone knew if there were any nuggets to be found in that area, and if you could use a Fisher 1280-x aquanaut to find them with? I can't afford a PI detector at this time, so does anyone have an opinion on a VLF detector that would do the job. Thanks and I really enjoy all the information you guys share on this forum, I also see the same names on the nugget-shooter forum, maybe one of these days i'll see you guys at an outing...til then, take it easy...Kelly