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  1. Mxt Sniper

    Customer's first Find!

    Very nice first nugget! Congrats.
  2. I did the same thing a couple yrs back, due to minelab not supporting/repairing 4000 anymore, went to the 4500 a new one. Then I sold off the stock coils and kept the 11" dd, bought a 14x9 evo and a 14" round elite. Very satisified with the extended depth of the elite and evo coils.
  3. Mxt Sniper

    A good day out

    Nice gold!! Cover your backtrail going to that spot!!
  4. Congrats on the finds with the NF Evo 14x9. I find its a great coil for hammered patches. My last find with the evo 14x9 was a .55 gm at 8" and it was porous.
  5. Nice nugget, great coil!
  6. At $2.54 a grain I am not complaining I will take grain gold if i find it.
  7. The only two reviews available are on the Minelab Website, J. Porter and Someone in N. Nevada. Two pics of gold found with the machine, no particular details yet.
  8. Looks pretty interesting, I wonder if it will be as sensitive as a Gold Bug 2?
  9. I am posting this ad for a friend that recently sold his gpx4500 and is selling off extra coils, he still has a minty condition 15x12 Commander mono for 150.00 and a minty 11" mono Commander coil for 125.00, sorry I don't have a pic of the 11" mono but its minty condition as well. Buy both coils and get the package deal for 190.00 Call Darrell at 530-518-8397 He is located in Paradise California.
  10. Something is sure up in the metal detector business for Minelab to be selling package deals like this so cheap. Maybe some new tech about to hit the market from Whites?
  11. I found one up in Northern Nevada up around Spring Valley, didn't touch it, knew what it was immediately.
  12. Mxt Sniper

    GPZ 7000 Video Link

    Looks like that new design coil may be a bit hard to pinpoint with. It will be interesting to see how small of gold the machine can detect.
  13. Mxt Sniper

    whites MXT.

    Check out the Detech 4.5" round dd, I bought one a couple months ago, its extremely sensitive to small gold, havn't tried it in the field yet just air tests in the house. I got it for tot lot hunting jewelry and bedrock nugget hunting. You may want a bigger dd for general hunting for more coverage and depth. i would recommend the detech 6" round dd Excelerator for all around nugget use, small enough you don't have mineralization troubles, but big enough for some depth and a little coverage and it pinpoints like a rifle. I have a buddy that has one and he loves it for all around use.
  14. Give it a good go when around lovelock, you might like the area.
  15. Back off Sensitivity till it smooths out.
  16. None better than the Gold Bug 2
  17. Hi, I am interested in buying the 15X12 SEF for GPX detectors, how much is your best price total shipped to my door in Calif. 95648
  18. Mxt Sniper

    Nevada detecting

    No I am down near Roseville Calif.
  19. Mxt Sniper

    Nevada detecting

    nugget108, good luck to you also, we will leave you some for sure.
  20. Mxt Sniper

    Nevada detecting

    Three of us are headed to the Majuba area friday for six days. Should be fun. And HOT!!!
  21. I have a 1.7 grain test nugget glued on a chip my mxt will detect to 2-3 inches in the ground in prospect mode. Depth will fluctuate with ground conditions.