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  1. Thanks clay and nvchris for the learning exercise. Ted
  2. What is meant by 'going over the limit'? Just learning and trying to understand. Thanks. Ted
  3. THANKS EVERYONE for the valuable advise. I am 67 yrs old but still get around file. I think I will join some local to Tucson groups and start learning. Still have to decide how much to invest on a detector. When I panned in Alaska last summer I found out you can find (see) gold so small in the pan that it is worth next to nothing but still keeps you motivated. Got to be a balance between motivated and cost I guess. One picker equals hundreds of pieces of dust. But I do like leading edge electronics. Thanks again guys. Ted Hindes
  4. I spend winters in SW Tucson from mid October through late April. I have been lurking here for about a year and ask how one gets started in this hobby? Are their local or regional groups that get together regularly and provide access to claims or open areas where I can 'play'? I have an old White detector probably 10-12 years old that I bought for coins and jewelry but I am sure I would not be satisfied with this for gold detecting. I guess I have more money than patience as far as finding some gold verses missing some due to marginal equipment. I had a wonderful time in Alaska last summer panning gold but only got a very small amount of small gold and one nice piece of quartz with visible gold in it. Anyway, what advice can you all give me to get me started? What is available near Tucson? I also usually spend a couple weeks or so in Quartzsite each year at the RV gathering in last January. Thanks in advance, Ted Hindes