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    Whites dealer since 1980. Treasure hunter and gold miner. Largest nugget, 11.3 oz, northern Nevada. Several caches of gold coins over the years too.
    Helped develop and field test the Whites TDI
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    Paradise, Ca
  1. Yep, not the same. The Butte Nugget was 75 oz, about 6 Lbs. Still, an impressive piece!
  2. Digger Bob

    Cool pic of Oroville Dam

    I have heard from a reliable source, one of the truck drivers hauling debris out, that a couple workers have found gold there. This is unconfirmed of course, but he said that a 13 oz nugget was found in the bedrock below the bottom of the main spillway. This would be near the river. And in the course of blasting or major repairs above, that a quartz and gold vein was uncovered, about 15 long that they could see. The area was immediately cleared of all personel and the vein quickly cemented over. The DWR is being very tight lipped about everything that is going on there. Again, rumors that many workers have been fired for poking around and looking. Truckers are not allowed to get out of the cab unless there is an issue with the truck or trailer, and then only if accompanied by a DWR worker. The whole area is off limits to the public and national guard troops are patrolling the area. I took some pictures of one of the dirt "piles" that is being stockpiled off site. Very tight security around the whole area.
  3. Actually this is a very good coil. Made by a good friend of mine, Miner John. I could show you a lot of gold found with it. The Razorback name is now sold only in Australia but it's the same coil here by Miner John Designs. It's what's called a "folded 8" design inside, not specifically a mono nor a DD. It is made to be used on any of the Minelab detectors and a slightly different version for the Whites TDI.
  4. Digger Bob

    Born in the Bedrock?

    I too found a patch like that once and have always wondered how they got there. My thoughts were they were actual placer nuggets, deposited by an ancient river on what was once flat bedrock. Over millions of years, the bedrock "folded up" through erosion and movement of the mountains, trapping the nuggets. More millions of years of erosion exposed them once again. But this was in the lower Mother Lode and not the desert. Along with this was the possibility of it being in ancient flood plane of the Yuba River, hence washed down from higher up. Digger Bob
  5. Who is selling the adapter? How much is it? I agree, Chris, the cord is too short. I can't set the detector down and dig without the headphones pulling off.
  6. Digger Bob

    Joe No Shoulders

    For those interested in getting grossed out or really scared, watch this short video of what viper venom does to your blood. Now, this is opposite of what happens with a rattle snake bite, different kind of venom, the results can be just as bad. Hemotoxin vs. neurotoxin. http://rare.us/story/heres-what-happens-when-your-blood-meets-viper-venom-and-its-not-pretty/
  7. Digger Bob

    Sawtooth trip...

    Interesting. Our group is going the following weekend, 17th through the 22nd. Leave us some gold! Digger
  8. A thousand people at Rye Patch at one time? Count me out.
  9. Look through their site and you will see counterfeit units from every major brand out there. That's where most of the junk units come from.
  10. I was only there from '66 to '69, high school years. Best times of my life. English teacher got me hooked on panning for gold back in the Humbugs. 3 years but I still consider it my home town. Digger Bob
  11. Digger Bob

    whites tdi

    What Walt said; really pretty easy. Use as much gain as you can stand, threshold gets wobbly otherwise. Hunting in Low will get you the small nuggets up to about 1/4 oz with a high tone, ignoring large iron AND larger nuggets. High will get those big nuggets and large iron with a low tone. ALL hears everything. Digger
  12. I have found a lot of gold in Siskiyou with a detector. Yreka is my old home town. Like Chris said, lots of pits up there, hard rock tailings, river bedrock, etc. Digger Bob
  13. Digger Bob

    Neat Specimen

    Years ago, a buddy of mine found a quartz rock that weighed about a hundred pounds in the tailings of a hard rock mine of the Feather River drainage. He hauled it back because his Goldmaster screamed on it. He beat it to pieces with a sledge hammer and inside were small viens of gold and that black stuff, which was later identified as arsenio pyrite. Neither of us had ever seen or heard of it before. He ended up slabbing it and selling it off for some very nice change. The three colors in combination made some beautiful jewelry. He was supposed to save me a piece but not sure if he did. I'd forgotten about it. I'll have to ask next time we go hunting. That's the only reason it looked familiar to me. Digger Bob
  14. Digger Bob

    Neat Specimen

    My guess would be arsenio pyrite.