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  1. Gerard

    Almost an Ounce!

    Nice course Gold that didn’t travel very far at all !!!
  2. I am a former fire fighter.
  3. Still have one of them old NF Coils like that... in a box some where! - my first mono coil! Some Very Nice Gold there!!!! Amazing what you find lying around out there in the Desert !!!
  4. Yes !! A truly versatile machine in many diverse situations it ~ performs extremely well! on dry land or in the water ~ I think it is a much better machine paired with the 6” Coil!!! to me the 6” is the perfect coil for the 800. and for what I use it for! & it paid for itself quickly! Plus... it’s light as a feather easy to pack into tight areas !!! I am very happy with mine too!
  5. Yes in deed... I would say so!!!
  6. Very Nice !!!! it’s either lighting lighting... or, there looks like there could be a little copper mixed in there with the AU ??? > interesting luster in the Au in this area!
  7. Chris, `GREAT FIND!!! They look like silver cuff links to me! Was this with the CTX EQX? .... The numbers would tell you if they were silver or not ? Gerard
  8. SARAB (18R multifield coil) Hi Jennifer, Interesting article and thread.... Maybe this is good time to throw this out there.. It's something I have pondered about for a good while... Coil making is not something that someones just decides to do on a whim... To be good at it... you need lots of experience. In the link you shared... they seem to be some what secretive about who is designing these coils... And it got me thinking... if these new GPZ coils are coming in the direction of Andrew Overton & PMC??? As I am sure you have heard in your travels...as I have. A lot of... not so nice things about the founder of the... Now Closed PMC Company... Personally I never met the man. But I have used some of his coils and yes he was experimenting and was pushing the envelope with his very unique coil designs. Prototypes can be good or bad . All I know is the good results... I own a special coil that he created.. called a SARAB (18R multifield coil) ~ I also own many Nuggetfinder, CoilTek, Minlab & Detech coils....and I compared to all of those to The PMC SARAB multifield coil and the PMC coil was far superior to all of those. That coil was far ahead of it's time !!! The real interesting thing was.. The SARAB 18R multifield coil had exactly all the same characteristics as both the "Nuggetfinder EVO" & "Coiltek Elite" Coils> Long before Nuggetfinder or Coiltek ever producing their EVO or Elite coils !!!!!!! I find it pretty interesting that the timing of both "Nuggetfinder EVO" & "Coiltek Elite" coils release? They both were released "pretty much simultaneously" I think NF delayed their release because of some production issues they were having. But, never the less...here we have two products from two separate Companies & both with these two extremely similar "breakthrough" characteristics??? To me... It was all too much like pulling a Rabbet out of a Hat!!! It makes you wonder what the Real back story was... and how did that all happen like that????? Now Adding PMC into the mix..just for timing reference and the timing of all this is much simpler... "both "Nuggetfinder EVO" & "Coiltek Elite" Coils were both developed... only after PMCoils had closed down their business...." So... It makes you think... Where did all that magic really come from??? Now for the meat & potatoes of someone creating New Aftermarket Coils for the GPZ... ???? In my opinion: If these New Zed coils are being developed by the same guy that designed and built my "18R multifield coil" That guy knows how to design great coils! ~ I think he's the goose that lays... the golden eggs !!! Cheers, Gerard
  9. Wow... Very Beautiful !!!! And it makes you think. How many times we have all walked over targets like this? Probably many times!!!! I know after a long day of hiking through poison-oak digging shotgun shells and lead shot.. you are pretty beatup and tired and as a result... you get more selective on what you dig and what you walk away from. Trash sounds just like Trash !!!! & Large gold sound just like Trash close to the surface aswell.... Yes in deed ~ these trashy areas are truly protected by all the junk on top... The Message here is "AGAIN"= Always Go Slow...... And Dig Everything!!! And the is a perfect example of why!!!! Gerard
  10. It's been 5 Months .... I was thinking he might have hit the mother load for Jade !
  11. A Great day Md'ing finding that beauty after digging lead and rusty-metal all day!!! I wish all days ended that way!!! Beautiful Bright & Shiny gold!!!! Thanks for Sharing!!!
  12. Gerard

    A Golden New Year!

    Wow Chris !!!! A very Beautiful New Year !!! And starting it off with a rattle in your bottle ~ it don't get much better!!! All the very best! Gerard
  13. PI Shootout!!! A Minelab GPZ 7000 vs. The GPX 5000 - Target Comparison Test. This video was just uploaded (today) December 25th 2017 by: Aussie Bloke Prospector who did an exceptional job filming and editing the video... ~ http://www.eurekapro...tecting-tuition "Thank you John !!!! " A GPX 5000 with a Nugget Finder 17x13 EVO Coil vs. A GPZ-7000 Since Minelab's first introduction of the GPZ 7000... there has been a lot of conjecture about the 7000's ability compared to the GPX 5000, especially today when the GPX is coupled with some of the latest Coils i.e. "The NuggetFinder EVO" & "The Coiltek Elite". These coils had a drastic effect on the GPX machines....In this video Aussie Bloke Prospector will show you how the GPZ-7000 Compares with the GPX machines with the New NuggetFinder EVO 17X13 Coil. TEST SCORES, CONCLUSIONS and OBSERVATIONS in the hope that they assist you to DRAW YOUR OWN CONCLUSIONS. The CONCLUSIONS: are based on the test Scores. The scoring comprises of 2 Main Areas: (1) LOUDNESS or VOLUME > This pertains to how loud the initial volume of the Target is ( thus making it easy to hear ). . (2) EASE OF TARGET DETERMINATION > This is determined by how ( A ) REPETITIOUS, ( B ) CONSISTENT and ( C ) WELL DEFINED Target Signal; ( thus making it easier to assess the absolute presence of a "TRUE TARGET" vs. "GROUND NOISE"). Link To The Video>>> .
  14. A GPX-4500 with a Coiltek Elite or a Nugget Finder Evo coil is an Amazing duo ~ even with the GPZ it still is really hard to top!!! Go with the 4500 !! cheers! GA
  15. Hi Chris, Sounds like some good things coming from Minelab!!!. Any roomers of a new version of the CTX 30-30 with a gold 40Htz+ setting ??? The only thing ever lacking with the CTX was a setting for prospecting~ I would Love to see that happen !!! The Equinox 800 from what I have seen so far seems like a real technological step forward and finally a real killer detector!!! But... honestly, If I had to choose between an E-800 or a Gold version of the CTX ~ I think i would go for the CTX !!! That CTX display & Tatget Trace and the Target ID. Makes that detector a great detector to discriminate ferous and non-ferrous very quickly in trashy areas! It stands alone and that makes the CTX a real sweet stand alone detector!!!! But the CTX is not the right frequency for small gold. an the E800 is... not sure about it's target ID accuracy yet. but I am sure that comparisons will happen real soon!!! With all that said... Any Idea how soon will they be "Drop Shipping" or they will be shipping the E 800's to you??? Cheers, Gerard