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  1. Very nice find Chris! Not a thing a prospector or geologist would want to lose ~ back in the day. Thinking about the day when he lost it.... he probably would of kept his loupe in a safe and secure pocket.... that said.... He also could of lost his poke along with his loupe!!!! Maybe it deserves another trip for second look in the area Chris?
  2. Hi Chris, My First Guess... it looks like low quality (1) Nephrite Jade or (2) Chalcedony . very similar... in many ways... is there Asbestos deposits in the area? I also notice what looked like some hydrothermal stratification (layering) in the left edge of your photo... maybe (3) Agate Moss Agate? All in all... my first guess is probably closest ... The tables below gives you something to work with... to test your sample... All the best. Gerard (1) Nephrite Jade: ======================================== Chemical Formula Nephrite: Ca2(Mg,Fe)5Si8O22(OH)2Jadeite: NaAlSi2O6 Color White, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Pink, Purple, Gray, Black, Banded, Multicolored Hardness 6 - 7 Crystal System Monoclinic Refractive Index 1.60 - 1.67 SG 2.9 - 3.7 Transparency Translucent to opaque Double Refraction -0.027 (Nephrite); 0.013 (Jadeite) Luster Waxy, vitreous Cleavage 1 or 2,2 - prismatic. Due to lack of visible crystals, cleavage is rarely observed. Mineral Class Jadeite or Nephrite (Nephrite can be either Actinolite or Tremolite) Fresh cut Nephrite Jade slab: in British Columbia Canada (2) Chalcedony: ======================================== this piece is from South Africa. Chemical Formula SiO2 Colour White, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Pink, Purple, Gray, Black, Banded, Multicoloured Hardness 6.5 - 7 Crystal System Hexagonal Refractive Index 1.54 - 1.55 SG 2.63 - 2.65 Transparency Translucent to opaque Double Refraction .009 Luster Vitreous to waxy Cleavage None Mineral Class Quartz (Chalcedony) (3) Moss Agate : ========================================= Chemical Formula SiO2 Composition Silicon dioxide Color Multicolored in banded formation. Colors include white, blue, red, green, yellow, orange, brown, pink, purple, gray, and black. Some rarer forms of Agate are iridescent. Streak White Hardness 7 Crystal System Hexagonal Crystal Forms and Aggregates Agate is a banded microcrystalline form of the mineral Quartz, and does not occur in visible crystals. It occurs in nodules, in massive form, as botryoidal, mammilary, and stalactitic formations, as smooth rounded pebbles, as amygdules, and as the linings of geodes. Transparency Translucent to opaque Specific Gravity 2.6 - 2.7 Luster Vitreous Cleavage None Fracture Conchoidal Tenacity Brittle Other ID Marks 1) Commonly fluorescent, usually green or white. May even show fluorescent banding patterns where some of the bands will fluoresce more strongly than others. 2) Triboluminescent 3) Piezoelectric Complex Tests Dissolves in hydrofluoric acid. In Group Silicates; Tectosilicates; Silica Group Striking Features Banding patterns Environment Agate occurs in all mineral environments, but it is most prevalent in igneous rocks such as basalt. Rock Type Igneous, Sedimentary, Metamorphic Popularity (1-4) 1 Prevalence (1-3) 1 Demand (1-3) 1
  3. Merry Christmas to you Chris and your family too! Hoping for better times ahead for everyone out there.... Even if.... everything around us continues to (go south) as we have all witnessed this year... One thing that I do know 100% for sure...Is that when I am out prospecting surrounded in the vastness of nature’s beauty.... Regardless of all the Worlds self induced problems Greed, Wars & GreatReset Pandemic Lockdowns... When.. I am Outside Standing with my Detector and my pick in hand.... I am a million miles away from all of that Ugliness & Corruption !!!! Surrounded by the real riches I get from being out there.... is more treasure than a little gold metal... THE TRUE RICHES.... is standing there... And knowing I am connected and a part of that land & All that Creation & Beauty that surrounds me! My New Years Resolution for 2021: The Last day the year..(today)!!!! After 6 long months of my rig being in the shop... My mechanic and I today Finally got the Flywheel & Clutch back in my IVECO EarthCruiser...Next week it’s off to the paint booth !!! So... My New Years Resolution for 2012: IS..... Being out on the Gold....all those days I didn’t get out an missed in 2020!!! and getting out in the MaxMax-RV even more in 2021... Peace and Nuggets to everyone! Gerard
  4. Very Nice solid water worn creek nuggets!!! Looks just like the gold I was getting back when I was dredging!!! That Sadie is a sweet & powerful coil on a GPX !!!
  5. Looks like Christmas Came early this year!!! Ho Ho Ho!!! well done!
  6. Yes in deed!!!! Sweet Beautiful Nuggets !!!! Nice Job!!!! !!!!
  7. Chris, Very cool!!! I know... in some mines tokens were used by miners to show they were inside the mine.......They might also have done that in industrial factories too! They would be put the tag on a peg board where the Portal, time-clock or in the Dry-room. to see who was in there if cave in or some other disaster happened... What you have there ...could be the work history of one miner... nice find! Gerard
  8. I have never used the Minelab 8” Mono coil.... but I have used the 11” but now that I think about it some more.....that 11" was a Minelab DD coil and But I liked the 11” the best out of all my Minelab Coils even the Monos All my Minelab mono coils are collecting dust... The Minelab coils are rather heavy.... But honestly, if the issue is sensitivity? The stock Minelab coils still don’t even come close compare with the "Coiltek Elite Coils on the GPX 4500. My Round Elite 14” will hit a fly speck sized 0.04 Au at 4 -5 inches and it sounds as loud as a 22 cal lead. With that coil.... I am not worried about missing anything with the CoilTek Round Elite 14” ! not even my nugget finder coils will do that! Hope that helps... have a happy 4th! Gerard
  9. Hi @GotAu? Congrats on getting on here... A Great Resource !!! As for the ( 8” vs. the 11” ) or... the 14” vs. the 18” or even the little 6” Sadi Coil... they are all tools in your tool belt! It all depends on the Ground you are in... I Really like the "Coiltek Elite Coils on GPX 4500 the are an Amazing Coil that turned the GPX-4500 into 100X sensitive better machine 100X better than it ever was stock!!! I love my 4500!!! It is truly an Amazing Machine with the CoilTek Elite on it!!!!! I have the Elite 14” & also the Elite 8” Monos as my primary coils. They all have there place... If I am in quite Deep Ground I will run the Larger Coils... If I am close to bedrock i will run the smaller coils and I will use the smaller coils in noisy mineral areas and areas with lots of Electro-magnetic & T.I. and also junky areas with lots of trash... I also run a Detech DD 8” coil that is also water proof when needed and That is whats on my 4500 right now... That little DD is a great little coil too. So to answer your question.... All of them are better than the other coils.... It all is depends on where you are using them.... That is why I have all of them!!! Happy Hunting!!! The Very Best, Gerard
  10. Gerard

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    Hi Joe, Good Question, I just replaced the Ramp carrier (Which Failed) and the Ramp style was really a pain to put on and take off!!!! I I was never really happy with the Ramp Style Carrier and after nearly losing it on a prospecting trip 180 miles from my home... i was not going to buy another one!!! I thought about buying a trailer... but to get into the areas where I go... Ground clearance was a major issue! After doing some research I replaced it with a Hydraulic Carrier Called the “MXHauler” it is very beefy!!! much better material and construction than the Ramp style that failed. I had to Modify it to fit the Rokon... I also Ordered an "extra Mounting bolt" to now have three bolts that attaches the Rokon’s frame firmly to the MXhauler (see photos below) Cut a Slot into the Fiberglass cover to access the Frame... (Above) Added two new mounting Locations to the MXhauler (Above) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now sitting on my 4X4 SUV it rides much Higher up... and has much (Better clearance!) and also it is much more stable than the Ramp Style Carrier was!!! But, saying that does not mean that I am not going to blast down rough rocky roads... And As for the ease of use... it is like night & day!!!!.... It is so much easier to unload the Rokon & to Load it back up on to the vehicle !!!! Honestly the Ramp style really sucked in so many ways!!! My Rokon weighs 240lbs and with the Three bolts no issues or thoughts that it is going to fail at all. The Only issue I found being that now that the Rokon is Higher up.... It now blocks my taillights on the back of my vehicle... but, the solution is simple... you can add magnetic trailer lights the plug those into your Trailer light plug! ( That.... though would be a major issue if you were thinking about mounting the Rokon on the Front of your vehicle.. then it would block the headlights. ) 'A major side benefit to the MXhauler > With the MXhauler ~You can now work in the Rokon and Run the Rokon while bolted safely on the MXhauler... where as I couldn’t do that either easily or safely before. So that's a real plus!!! Since I have had the MXhauler I have easily replaced both drive chains and removed both wheels to get new tires and serviced the Rokon clutch and did everything while bolted to the MXhauler. Working on it is so much easer now that it's up high that it ever was working on it sitting on the ground!!!! You can even put the Rokon in gear..., and take it up to top speed all while bolted safely up on the back of your vehicle!!! And check for noises and vibrations it is extremely helpful !!! So Joe, If you decide to get one of these... I can trace a template so you can Drill the Holes and do the same modifications so it will fit your Rokon too. All the Best Gerard
  11. Gerard

    Claim search

    Hi Dave, I use MineCache > you can get a one year subscription at MineCache.com. MineCache applies as a layer to GoogleEarth... it’s updated regularly and. Has “Active Claims” and also... “Closed Claims” And being that it’s a layer in GoogleEarth... I can lay my GPS tracks on top of it & USGS Geologic Maps in one location and then I can transfer all that data to Garmin inReach And onX Maps for use out in the field. I rarely use LR 2000 . Happy Prospecting! Gerard
  12. Chris Dang!!! seem like those nuggets aren't social distancing at all !!! They’re all Up close and personal !!! I need some of that type of Social Distancing too !!! (Maybe this weekend !) Beautiful Nuggets!!!
  13. Happy New Years to you Too Chris. I hope you find your retirement nugget this year!!!! Gerard