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  1. Happy New Years to you Too Chris. I hope you find your retirement nugget this year!!!! Gerard
  2. Very cool!!!! Great Idea!!!! Merry Christmas Doc!
  3. Hey Chris, Wonderful Chunky Nuggets there diggin deep holes hidden beneeth the trash! Proving that persistence pays off in the end!!! One time I dug an old Miners enameled plate down three and a half feet that had a wonderful sweet signal with my GPX4500. I had to come back a week later with a shovel to finish the job! I could only get down 2.5 feet with only çvv v my pick... I was hoping for a one pound nugget!!! Lol! all that it was a beat up miners Plate As for the Schilling Lid... it could have been a number of food products. Schilling sold dc Coffee, baking soda and spices. I found in one article that in 1916 Schilling came out with “Schillings Best”. AUGUST SCHILLING arrived in San Francisco from Germany in 1870 at 16 years of age and soon entered the service of J. A. Folger & Co. Schilling’s great drive, initiative and intelligence won him early recognition. About the time he became legally of age, he was made a partner in the business, and the firm name was changed to Folger, Schilling & Co. Late in 1879 George F. Volkmann was employed by Folger, Schilling & Co. as shipping clerk and soon attracted the attention of the partners. In 1881 Folger and Schilling decided to separate. Each of them offered Volkmann a partnership and he accepted Schilling’s offer. Folger continued the business and resumed the firm name of J. A. Folger & Co., under which it operates to this day. The partnership of A. Schilling & Company was formed on September 8, 1881, with August Schilling having a two-thirds interest. At that time both men were 27 years old, having been born in or near Bremen, Germany, in February 1854. However, they were not known to each other while there. Their first business location was at 122 Davis Street, San Francisco, where they engaged in the processing of coffee, tea, baking powder, spices, extracts and some other unrelated products which they supplied to the grocery trade. Many grades were offered and, as was the custom of the time, all were adulterated in varying degrees. For example, coffee was mixed with chicory, tea was artificially colored, cinnamon was mixed with almond shells, etc. However, their Pioneer Baking Powder was pure, consisting of refined grape cream of tartar and Englishbicarbonate of soda. The label on the can pictured a typical miner of 49er days bearing a pickax on his shoulder.
  4. Great Video work Chris! Proving once again... That Persistence pays off ... eventually !!! Gerard
  5. Sweet nuggets with character !!!!
  6. Gerard

    Almost an Ounce!

    Nice course Gold that didn’t travel very far at all !!!
  7. I am a former fire fighter.
  8. Still have one of them old NF Coils like that... in a box some where! - my first mono coil! Some Very Nice Gold there!!!! Amazing what you find lying around out there in the Desert !!!
  9. Yes !! A truly versatile machine in many diverse situations it ~ performs extremely well! on dry land or in the water ~ I think it is a much better machine paired with the 6” Coil!!! to me the 6” is the perfect coil for the 800. and for what I use it for! & it paid for itself quickly! Plus... it’s light as a feather easy to pack into tight areas !!! I am very happy with mine too!
  10. Yes in deed... I would say so!!!
  11. Very Nice !!!! it’s either lighting lighting... or, there looks like there could be a little copper mixed in there with the AU ??? > interesting luster in the Au in this area!
  12. Chris, `GREAT FIND!!! They look like silver cuff links to me! Was this with the CTX EQX? .... The numbers would tell you if they were silver or not ? Gerard
  13. SARAB (18R multifield coil) Hi Jennifer, Interesting article and thread.... Maybe this is good time to throw this out there.. It's something I have pondered about for a good while... Coil making is not something that someones just decides to do on a whim... To be good at it... you need lots of experience. In the link you shared... they seem to be some what secretive about who is designing these coils... And it got me thinking... if these new GPZ coils are coming in the direction of Andrew Overton & PMC??? As I am sure you have heard in your travels...as I have. A lot of... not so nice things about the founder of the... Now Closed PMC Company... Personally I never met the man. But I have used some of his coils and yes he was experimenting and was pushing the envelope with his very unique coil designs. Prototypes can be good or bad . All I know is the good results... I own a special coil that he created.. called a SARAB (18R multifield coil) ~ I also own many Nuggetfinder, CoilTek, Minlab & Detech coils....and I compared to all of those to The PMC SARAB multifield coil and the PMC coil was far superior to all of those. That coil was far ahead of it's time !!! The real interesting thing was.. The SARAB 18R multifield coil had exactly all the same characteristics as both the "Nuggetfinder EVO" & "Coiltek Elite" Coils> Long before Nuggetfinder or Coiltek ever producing their EVO or Elite coils !!!!!!! I find it pretty interesting that the timing of both "Nuggetfinder EVO" & "Coiltek Elite" coils release? They both were released "pretty much simultaneously" I think NF delayed their release because of some production issues they were having. But, never the less...here we have two products from two separate Companies & both with these two extremely similar "breakthrough" characteristics??? To me... It was all too much like pulling a Rabbet out of a Hat!!! It makes you wonder what the Real back story was... and how did that all happen like that????? Now Adding PMC into the mix..just for timing reference and the timing of all this is much simpler... "both "Nuggetfinder EVO" & "Coiltek Elite" Coils were both developed... only after PMCoils had closed down their business...." So... It makes you think... Where did all that magic really come from??? Now for the meat & potatoes of someone creating New Aftermarket Coils for the GPZ... ???? In my opinion: If these New Zed coils are being developed by the same guy that designed and built my "18R multifield coil" That guy knows how to design great coils! ~ I think he's the goose that lays... the golden eggs !!! Cheers, Gerard