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  1. Just not a bunch of any pretty faces! Looking forward to seeing more right here on the Outback forum. Chuck
  2. A killer deal like that just don’t last long and it didn’t. Well that shot down that Birthday gift for me . Oh well it’s in good hands now. Chuck
  3. Hey Clodhopper ^You can find your answer about the Deus on Steve H. forum. Chuck
  4. Ridge Runner

    grains of gold

    Kyle Go write this down someplace. A Little of Something is Better Than A Lot of Nothing. Chuck
  5. That's what they say but the video was shorter than Minelab and showed nothing. Nothing is where my interest is in Garrett at this time. I'm more into the Gold Monster 1000 because of the Monster in it. Chuck
  6. Hi Chris Did minelab give any reason why not in April being we or here now ? Chuck
  7. Mike I'm more like a chicken hawk and that word you used is not me. Best to you and may we meet someday. Chuck
  8. Chris R. I wanted so bad for Kyle to go read that review and you shot it down for him. I'd PM Chris G. that was a April Fools Joke at the same time I posted what I said. Kyle It was a positive review I gave on the GM 1000 but the only thing I've yet to see one. Chuck
  9. Kyle I gave a review on the Gold Monster 1000 on Steve H. forum the other day. I didn't have much time at Rich Hill with it but hope to add more soon. Chuck
  10. Hey Chris You're the first dealer that has posted about this new Minelab nugget machine being up for sale soon. Hope to hear reviews on it soon. Chuck
  11. Ridge Runner

    Gold Monster 1000

    Hey Jen What I read and see this new Minelab just could fill the bill for us who don't have the extra change for a GPZ. I haven't seen any video between the GB 2 and the new Minelab but hope to hear more soon. I just like seeing what a detector can do not what another can do.Most are better than the one they not selling. Chuck
  12. Chris I had one of the first TDI's when they came out. I done some beach hunting and never before dug down so deep. That was with White's stock 12 inch dual field coil. Now with this new 17 x 13 EVO coil he better take someone with him. He may need someone to help him out of the hole he dug. I may over looked the price on the 12 inch EVO coil. So what is it? Chuck.
  13. Hey Jager Thanks for your reply. Looks as if you can get the small gold and the deep gold too. I like to hear as you said the coil is light. I'm just not as strong as years past. Best of luck on the next time in the field. Chuck
  14. Jager I haven't looked at the weight of the coil but do you have some support swinging it? With what you have to say and showing us that's one great coil. Thanks Chuck
  15. I can't say a word about the NF EVO but if it's anything like the 8 x 6 NF Sadie coil it has to be great. I pulled if off my 4500 to air test it on my white's SPP. It had another after market coil of the same size. After my testing of both coils I found the the Sadie gave me a little better than a 1 1/2 more depth. I'd do the same test with my 4500 but it's known unless the coil is made for Minelab it don't work. Not as well if not at all. Chuck PS If you have one of the TDI's from White's are the SPP you can use all coils that work on any GP detector.