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  1. Hey Mike, Ive always understood a mining claim is considered real property. It would be nice for claim owners not to have to pay this though.
  2. I think you might be liable if they fell in a shaft that you personally dug, but you wouldn't be responsible for historic diggings, or if someone tripped on a rock or tombstone of schist...
  3. I have some abs plastic skid covers that are molded to fit the knuckle and back of the coil housing. A reusable/ releasable cable tie secures it tight Its clean, simple, and will help keep your knuckle from getting ground down on the rocks. $15 Note that cover will have to be removed before folding up for storage.
  4. Good thing he kept digging! With my infinite wisdom, I would have walked at 2 feet, thinking darn ground noise!
  5. I have dealt with minelabs service department and have had excellent customer service regarding all my warranties in the last 2 years. I recieved a new pc board for a 5000, new headphones, 7k coil cover and a lower shaft that broke. No charge no questions asked!
  6. False signaling of the coil, as it will be very touch sensitive and become anoying to use. Also if you squeeze the coil between your fingers it will signal off indicating water inside. This has been my expierience with water incursion on variouscoils.
  7. Relic of the past. It still seems to work! $60
  8. wes

    A very good day

    good day for sure!
  9. Haha... you gotta like the ozzy humor!
  10. I can also sell a full oz or half oz of the same for current gold price, Just ask.
  11. Thanks Bill! You would think a super detector would get its own dedicated unique box, and not a borrowed 3030 shell. Makes you wonder if this is just a bridge detector filling the gap for now, and better things are still to come? Or is this the one...
  12. There was a supposed leaked pic of the GPZ and it looked just like the 3030, but with a 14" coil.