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  1. whos bitchin I just asked a simple question..aint got no gold to post
  2. mikwed whos bitchin I just asked if people just hunt for grains of gold..
  3. well myself I prefer grams or better..grains never excited me
  4. do people actually go hunting just for grains of gold.....
  5. kyle


    ide throw it on e bay for a quick painless sale you may get 500.00 +
  6. suppose be 40% deepr than gpz7000 and under $1000.00...lol
  7. have to wait till next month or you can call Gerry for the skinny
  8. gold detector to be released may 6th 2 days before the goldmonster 1000
  9. kyle


    to bad its not a handheld
  10. brand new very hard to find 9x14 solid fits all minelab s/d gp /gpx pi,s 350.00 plus shipping