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  1. hey chris give us a review on the goldmonster 1000....you might get more sales
  2. do people actually go hunting just for grains of gold.....
  3. whos bitchin I just asked a simple question..aint got no gold to post
  4. mikwed whos bitchin I just asked if people just hunt for grains of gold..
  5. gold detector to be released may 6th 2 days before the goldmonster 1000
  6. well myself I prefer grams or better..grains never excited me
  7. kyle


    ide throw it on e bay for a quick painless sale you may get 500.00 +
  8. suppose be 40% deepr than gpz7000 and under $1000.00...lol
  9. have to wait till next month or you can call Gerry for the skinny
  10. kyle


    to bad its not a handheld
  11. brand new very hard to find 9x14 solid fits all minelab s/d gp /gpx pi,s 350.00 plus shipping
  12. no gold there just some wild trucker storry
  13. guess the gpx missed that one..nice nugget
  14. forum out to dinner that could be pretty spendy
  15. looks like a meaty to me
  16. them truckers come up with the best stories ever
  17. I remember the first order I made with chris my stuff arrived next day and I lived about 700 miles away
  18. that monster 1000 gona have to be one hot machine to out perform the macro gold racer or the gold bug 2 on any size nugget...ive seen the goldbug pick bird shot at 3 inches...
  19. well the guy from Idaho says the 1000 is like a vlf on steroids..but that's just one word of thought
  20. just another 2-3 inch detector maybe deeper on a giant nugget though