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  1. Does anyone know if the WSPA is still around? If so, who to contact for more info?
  2. Goldbug Ron

    Legal Claim Question

    Chris, I would think that since the claim is only for the minerals that you wouldn't be liable. Anyone can hike, hunt, or drive on the land. They just can't remove any minerals.
  3. You should ask this question on 'Detector Prospector' and get Steve's take on it.
  4. Sedonared, this is the only forum he is still allowed to post on. He has been banned on the other forums. Obviously you haven't been around these forums very long. He used to go by 'oakwoodtrucker'. He is the one who has issues, not the other posters.
  5. Goldbug Ron

    Over $1 Million Found

    No doubt they won't get to keep it. Should have kept their mouths closed. Spain will probably claim it and our government will give it to them.
  6. Looking for the 3 inch or 6 inch coil for the original Fisher Gold Bug. Not the new GB or Gold Bug 2. PM me if you have one. Thanks. Goldbug Ron
  7. Bob and Chris, Never fear, I will have a nice crop of Fallon melons this summer. I will let you know when they are coming ripe. Goldbug Ron
  8. Hi Bob, I sure can identify with you. I haven't hunted in over a year and I live close to Rye Patch now. Wife and I bought a place near Fallon and spend all our time in the garden. But the lure of that big back country still has a pull on me. Enjoy those mountain roads. Beats the freeways any time. Goldbug Ron
  9. NOPE! And the GB2 coils won't work on the GB Pro.
  10. Goldbug Ron

    Sad News from Helena, MT

    WOW! This news brought tears to my eyes. I first met Rick in Nov. 2008. Rick had set up 'Modern Prospector' at Tyson Wells in Quartzsite. I started hanging around the store and talking with Rick a lot. We hunted the Dome Rock area a number of times, and he came over for dinner on several occasions. He sure liked my wife's pan fried salmon. He closed for Xmas and flew home for a week. After Xmas his wife and daughter flew down and spent a week at Tyson. My wife and I talked with them a lot. His business didn't do too well that winter as it was the beginning of this recession. He vowed not to come back to Quartzsite. I will miss him. Goldbug Ron
  11. Harry, When are you going to be at Dome Rock? Ev and I would like to hook up with you and Maureen again. Maybe Lunk will be down by then. Goldbug Ron
  12. Hey Jim, Sawtooth is visible in the second and ninth picture. Far background. Goldbug Ron
  13. Goldbug Ron

    first nugget

    3 grams? Did you mean 3 grains? That doesn't look like a 2 1/2 pennyweight nugget. And at 2" it should have blown your earphones off, not a weak hit.