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    Jeeping Riding Razors, Riding my Scooter with my Wife , Always trying to get somewhere someone has not been or maybe the unbeaten trail, Like to Metal detect even just finding old stuff not worth cash I just keep it for myself,
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  1. On the garrett instructional did my wife received with her machine they were showing some old war relics bullets with lead with rings around it and about a 4" little chrome grill they had a couple laying on top of each other, I didn't know what it was I dug one the other day and threw it away? Does anyone know what it was ? Yikes !!!
  2. LBriant

    My first old coins

    I am starting to beach hunt more building a tray out of a shallow Tupper ware storage container and going to use 2 " pvc to go around it and it should float just right then I will drill allot of holes through the bottom and dump my sand shovel in it and let the waves shake it out put about a 4 ft cord with snap on it so it will follow me around in waist to chest high water,, when it's done I will post a pic in the water, Maybe with a big Diamond ring in it .)
  3. LBriant

    My first old coins

    Yes he offered me $30 dollars for it, it really is in great shape it dose not like it's picture took it alway s has dark spots, but in real life it looks great, made of brass, I don't like the ones people clean up they look new , I think it's worth more it's pretty old, The soil was just black dirt under grass, an old homestead no signs left above ground anything was ever there,
  4. 1890 indian head 3 mercury dimes 44 and 45 and three wheat pennies, One dime was 3 " under a screw metal beer top but with the minlab 3030 you can't hide .)
  5. LBriant

    My first big find

    Such high trash areas I am thinking of getting the 6" smart coil for my ctx q 3030, I ran my wife's garrett a little bit the other day to set it up for her and those small coils are amazing you can really sift threw the trash and find the coins, I wonder when there going on sale .)
  6. LBriant

    My first big find

    Just found my second ring yesterday at another park, cheap mood ring but it had me going for a minute, Just keep the equipment with us and hunt anytime we see so where interesting, Unfortunately Iowa seems to have laws against almost all metal detecting ? I think it bull , you can't even hunt the beaches, I wrote the Governor what good that will do, We try sports parks and city parks some they are borderline,
  7. LBriant

    My first big find

    Don't ask me why my pic is upsidedown ?
  8. In a park under a shade tree 12" deep with the Minelab CTX 3030 lucky I had my headset on, Looks to be 1/4 to 1/3 k gold men's wedding ring set in white gold vintage, worth around $1,200 to $1,400 But it's staying on my finger for good luck! Lucky it hit around 12/20 allot of beaver tails hit there but I liked the tone!!! My Wife and I are hitting the fields hard now,
  9. I have not found anything real old yet but found out on the older streets in town where the bus stops are between the sidewalk and street (which in Iowa is owned by the city the home owner just gets to mow it ) Has revealed lots and lots of coins almost tired of digging hits every couple swings on the whole lenth of the parking not just right next to the bus stop, now on the other side of the road the busses don't run found zero coins, I am going to find some of the old trolley / Bus routes and maybe get into some old coins, Good Luck !!!
  10. I bought an old paper back book ghost towns and treasures in Arizona and it came with an 1800"s map with detailed info, Any other advice will be appreciated if someone knows this area, Thanks Frank !!
  11. I have been here for around three years during the winter, its not a real old town but I am sure there are some interesting old places to coin or relic hunt Does anyone have any good Ideas ? Obviously I hunt the beaches but I was wanting to find something old, I was wondering about any ghost towns or stage coach lines or ferry crossing before the lake was put in ? Any good Ideas ? I have a Jeep Rubicon and a Razor 800 so I can get almost anywhere,
  12. Mitchel , Thanks for the guidance I have just been collecting them and just now started try to read some of them , Nothing to old yet But I did find a token, Not real old I don't think but I saw them on E-Bay, Pennies get real bad ? Arizona soil I think ?? Quarters are just all red or covered in Black and hard to read,
  13. I am fairly new to Dirt Fishing and I have a CTX 3030 My wife has a Garret , And have found this Hobby to be an excellent way to spend time with each other we both love it and seems the day goes to fast when we go out , Anyway We have been hunting beaches in about 3 ft of water and on land and have found allot of coins but it seems that about all of them especially the ones in the water have turned colors and some have a white crust on them I have not found anything very old yet (that we could read ) but we have found a few unique coins and artifacts, But I was wondering we plan to continue collecting these coins so is there a way to get them back to the right color and clean them up, especially the ones we cant read , We will be hunting mostly in AZ until may 1st around Lake Havasu city, Any help would be appreciated,,, Thank Your LBriant
  14. LBriant


    Merry Christmas too all, I was Minelabing in the water here yesterday all day with no wetsuit very nice !! Everyone Have a Blessed Christmas and New Year !!!
  15. Nice Find Sounds like you had to work for it a little bit but I would love to find any gold , I am new to the nugget shooting up until now I have only owned the CTX 3030 used it back home in iowa and down here in AZ all winter, now I have a nugget shooter that with my jeep rubicon and or my Polaris razor and I should be able to get back to some good spots. Thanks for sharing !! Good luck and keep swinging !!!