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  1. Its more cost then just local responders costs, this gets federal attention from MSHA. https://www.msha.gov/sosa
  2. Here is a tool to ease the removal of that unique coil bolt. If you have a 3D printer its the .stl file is free, or Ill make you one for $5 + shipping. Just pm me! https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3151744
  3. She's a bit of a legend and loves her GPX 5000 with the 12"round Evo. This is coming behind several very experienced GPZ operators. @ 82 years young she still has it!
  4. Well, that didnt take long...new favorite coil...
  5. All or part, make offer for this stunning collection of Coloma CA gold. All found with a Minelab GPZ 7000. Museum quality and jewelry grade.
  6. I think so Jen. Send an inquire to wspapres@gmail.com
  7. nvchris

    Freshly Dug GPZ Gold

    3 nuggets over a pound each, found with a GPZ by Jonathan Porter, prior to the release of the GPZ 7000.
  8. Thanks Chris! All those on the wait list and in the current queue are invited to our RP outing Sept 25, 26, and the 27th. Bit of a lag in processing the app's, as our treasure had the cheek to take a two week vacation to Fiji! contact wspapres@gmail.com
  9. :D NF been good to me! Just send it to me and Ill dust it up for ya!!!!
  10. Gold Basin, Greaterville and on the Mexican border. About 900 acres in AZ . One of our best outings runs at the same time as the Tucson gem show and is held in Greaterville. These will be gone by tomorrow! Im a bit overwhelmed with the interest and will stay at it to answer all inquires.
  11. Sorry Tony, Try it now, I deleted a bunch. Or just email me @ wspapres@gmail.com
  12. UPDATE, Ill keep sending out app, but its likely the few spots are taken and this will be reserving your spot in the wait list Que.. We have a few Western States Prospecting Association openings available. PM me with your email address and Ill send you information and an application. Were a limited membership capped at 100 paid members. Dues are a family membership for $135 a year, seniors pay $100 after the first year. The claims are proven to hold detectable gold with locations in 3 western states CA, NV and AZ. Like big gold? This one came from one of our NorCal claims!
  13. Thinking of selling my DPMS Recon G2, bare bones it retails @ $1795.00 Im asking $3000 OBO. Nikon M-308 matched optics, Eotech L3 holographic sight, MagPul flip up sights, MX6 laser/flash light with remote switch, laser bore sight. Forward magpul grip, 4, 25 round magpul mags, 2, 10 round magpul mags with 5 round limiters, limbsaver recoil pad. Flash suppresser tool and uninstalled Whitt muzzle break. Original box. This is state of the art in the AR10 platform with all the best in aftermarket accessories.