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  1. Hey Guys, I am in the market to buy some gold & quartz specimens. I am primarily looking for smaller 1-15 gram specimens that are pretty, and are somewhere between 30-70% gold. I could possible be interested in larger specimens depending on the piece. If you have any that you would be interested in selling, please email me some nice quality photos with the weight(s) and your asking price. Gus@NaturalGoldTrader.com I can mail you a cashier's check, or pay cash if you're in the Boise area. Thanks, Gus-
  2. Gus in Idaho

    My 5000 Still Finds Gold!

    Chrisski- Yeah this gold came from less than a 2 hour drive from Boise. Mike- Yes, these were found with the 14" Mono. That is my go to coil, and it has landed me hundreds of nuggets! Mono coils will always be my first preference, but there are several areas I hunt where a DD coil will slaughter a Mono. Not in depth or sensitivity, but because it allows you to be selective and dig the quality targets. However that discrimination is not 100% fool-proof which is why I think Minelab needed to focus more attention to this, but now they just did away with it all together on these newer machines. There are many of us that feel this is a mistake. Sure it works just fine if all you want to do is hit the same beat up patches over and over again listening for whispers.. Steve- LOL, I might have to try that sometime. Thanks for your comments guys.
  3. Hey guys, Long time since I posted anything. Got out today for a little gold detecting. I managed 5 nuggets for about 10 grams, two of them were really deep. Don't be so eager to give your GPX away! It's definitely a buyers market right now. I know there is a lot of hype on the new machines, but the GPX series are still great detectors. If I could have only asked for an improvement of the GPX, it would have been on the discrimination. But for some reason they completely did away with it? It seems that smaller, smaller, smaller is all that they are concerned with. It sure is nice having the option to be selective digging non-ferrous targets in high trash areas! I've heard so many people through the years that say "Dig everything" well I could take them to some places in my world where that's just not possible.... Good luck out there guys! Gus-
  4. Hey guys, I am going to start working on a "Prospecting Articles" page for my website. My goal is to put together a large list of short stories from fellow prospectors about their gold adventures. If you are interested in being featured on my website, and can put together a story on a successful gold outing I would be most appreciative! Your story can be about any type of Gold Prospecting. Some of the things I will need with your story are: *A Title. *A few images that will be placed within your story. *The State or Region the story took place. *Your name, nickname, or alias. Please email your story to me at Gus@NaturalGoldTrader.com Many thanks for your help with this guys, Gus-
  5. Thanks for the referrals you guys, I appreciate that very much! Nice looking stuff Beatup. I sent you a PM. Gus
  6. I am looking to purchase some of those nice "Chevron" Rye-Patch nuggets! If you have some to sell, please send me an email with some photos, weights in grams, and the price you would like for them: Gus@NaturalGoldTrader.com Also, if do not have any "Chevron Gold" but you have some from another locale that you feel are just as nice, I might be interested in them. Gus-
  7. Gus in Idaho

    Sweet Specimen!

    Thanks for the replies guys! Rick, this one is right at 15 ounces total weight.
  8. I recently acquired this beautiful chunk of gold & quartz. I was sad to see it go so fast, but it has already been sold. It was found with a metal detector, and no I didn't find it. I would rather not say where it came from, but I will say it has 5 ounces of very pure gold in it. But it's just to pretty not to share a few photos, and I though it would give you guys some inspiration to get out of the air conditioning! Best of luck in the goldfields guys! Gus-
  9. Gus in Idaho

    Neat Specimen

    Thanks for the comments guys. Digger, I was actually thinking it could be some form of pyrite, just haven't seen it in this color before. Wes, Hematite was my second thought. Gus-
  10. I just got this one in, and was curious if anyone knows what the black stuff is? I have had them with manganese and magnetite, but I don't believe this is either... maybe I am wrong. If there is anything I would have paid more attention to in high school, it would have been geology. Anyways, thought I would show off this very pretty specimen. It came from near the American river in California. Gus-
  11. Simply amazing! Here comes the taxman....
  12. Gus in Idaho

    Pretty AU

    Nice stuff bro! Enjoy that sun man, been ugly here for a long time. Gus-
  13. Gus in Idaho

    Q GOLD

    Awesome Lunk! Good work man. Gus-
  14. Gus in Idaho

    Pretty AU

    It wouldn't be the same without you Lunker! Hope you have been having some success down south bud. Gus-