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    One thing to remember is to update the program weekly as there are new problems developing daily. If you don't update the program will not recognize the newer crap. Use several not just one. Each has it's own strengths. Spybot works well for me as does adaware and be sure to have a virus scanner software as well. then it is also good to have a fire wall such as Zone Alarm. All these are free from the net and should not conflict with your system. you never know where the problems come from till it's too later so keep the defences up Wyndham
  2. wyndham

    Scammers Out There!

    Just remember the bank might be safe(it's not) but your computer is as open as the sky. If you have anything, any information about yourself on your own computer, it's like an open door to ID thevies. Don't believe anyone that tells you they are secure, either they are lying because they know the truth or even worst they believe someone else who lied to them. It's all about the money. I was told once by a cynical old fart, "you can kill some one and get away with it, but just don't #@$$# with the money" He was a retired smuggler. Didn't like the new breed of fellows comming into the biz. Where are the old values anyway? Ha , Wyndham
  3. You know this is cruel to those of us held captive by time and circumstance. I looked in my closet the other day and saw Huck Finn sitting next to my Gold Bug detector looking very anoyed at not getting out for such a long time. The Siren call of the gold fields can be deafning when you can't go. Wyndham
  4. wyndham

    Nuggetshooter forum

    Still getting a timeout when I try. Will try again tomorrow. I know it has to be very frustrating to have these problems. If kind words and prayer helps(it does, you know) it there Wyndham
  5. Chris, I worked at Siler Peak in the lithium lakes out there pulling pumps that were down 600 ft in the brine that was sat with lithium. The rail head was at Mina and if I remember right the assay office was near the rail spur and there was a bar, a cafe and a few trailers. Coaldale Jct was near Silver Peak and that and the Silver Peak Bars were where everyone gathered after work. Seems that there was a place between Coaldale and Mina that was a gold ming area or volcano. Do you remember it? Caldera?? Never had a chance to visit it though. Wyndham
  6. BTW Chris I did get married in Mina in the assayers office back in the late 70's and this thread brought back a lot of fond memories of Nevada. Wish I were there now. Keepa Beeping. Wyndham