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  1. Paseclipse

    AZO Forum upgrade

    Please make sure you keep the RSS feeds going because it's nice to get the forum posts delivered like email in Outlook. Del
  2. Unfortunately someone flaked on me with the 14" Mono. Don't waste my time if your going to try and low ball me with an offer! The price does not include shipping, I leave this up to you how you want it shipped. Still have the 14" mono, 16" mono, and White's 12" Hot Shot coil for sale. Del
  3. Joe replied back to you. The Nugget Finder 9" x 14" Elliptical DD XP Coil is sold. Sales are pending on the 14" Nugget Finder Round coil and the White's Rechargeable Battery Pack. Del
  4. Hi All, cleaning out the closet and have some metal detector items for sale- Coils for Minelab SD/GP/GPX series Metal Detectors- Nugget Finder 14" Mono coil with skidplate ($120 + shipping)- Used with typical wear and tear you would expect from the Nugget Finder series fiberglass coils. Nugget Finder 16" Mono Coil with skidplate ($120 + shipping)- Used with typical wear and tear you would expect from the Nugget Finder series fiberglass coils. Nugget Finder 9" x 14" Elliptical DD XP Coil with skidplate ($75 + shipping)- Used with typical wear and tear you would expect from the Nugget Finder series fiberglass coils. There's a slight crack on the shaft bracket and it has been epoxied. The coil cover has been epoxied on as well. These coils are getting harder and harder to find. Items for White's Gold Master series Metal Detectors- White's GMT Hot Shot 12" Mono Coil with skidplate ($175 + shipping)- Brand new never used. Can be used on any White's Gold Master series metal detector. White's Rechargeable Battery Pack (#802-5211) with charger ($35 + shipping)- Brand new never used. Prices are firm and does not include shipping which will be extra. If your in the Los Angeles area pick up is fine. Payment to be made via PayPal, cashiers check, money order, or cash (if picking up). Buy two or more items and I will combine shipping to save you money. For more information and details or pictures shoot me a PM. Del
  5. Color looks good but it needs to be cut. Del
  6. Just figured I'd give a heads up. Someone's trying to pull a Minelab GPX-4500 scam on the Los Angeles Craiglist. Here's the link- GPX-4500 Scam At first I knew the price ($1,550) was to good to be true but just in case I sent an email about it and received this response- "hello ,sure but also forgive me i moved right now at my parents(my father have some health problems and i need to take care of him),and i didnt know this problem when i post the item,so if you decide to buy we will close the transaction via FreightCo,they have refund options,the transaction will be insured and secured ,so please let me know your decision,thank you" Typical scam nonsense! Oh yeah. The email adress is sabinaa2003-3@yahoo.com and their name is Sabina Brooks. I looked into this a little further and found the pics were stolen from a legitimate eBay auction located here- Minelab GPX-4500 Copied the auction word for word! If the Craigslist ad is no longer in the link then the ad was probably taken down. Hopefully someone will read this post and not fall for it. Del
  7. Paseclipse

    For Meteorite Hunters

    Here's a couple other books someone might want to consider reading to learn about meteorites- Rocks from Space by O. Richard Norton (Chris carries this one)- Rocks From Space This one's a little outdated now but it's still a very good book for meteorites. Pretty much considered "The Bible" for meteorites. Another book (Chris you might want to consider carrying this one) is the Field Guide to Meteors and Meteorites by O. Richard Norton and Lawrence Chitwood- Field Guide to Meteors and Meteorites Another good book O. Richard Norton published before he passed away. Read these books and you'll learn all you need to know about meteorites. Hope this Helps! Del
  8. Paseclipse

    Dig All Targets ?

    Dig them all because the one you pass up could be a nugget. You never know what it is until you have the target in hand!
  9. You can never go wrong with any of the Garmin handhelds. I personally use an eTrex Vista HCx with Garmins Topo Software. It's really nice because you can download waypoints and tracks to your computer. I was using the Nat Geo Topographic software but it's to pricey because you can download the same USGS topo maps for free and view them in Google Earth. There's even a free iPhone app that has all the USGS topo maps on it too which is useful sometimes while in the field.
  10. Paseclipse

    Friends Prospecting Rig

    Nice JK there AzOverland. I gotta ask you, where did you get your winch and roof Rack? I'm looking at maybe getting both for my JK here pretty soon.
  11. I'm not paying five bucks to keep some spammers away from a forum. If I had to pay money for a membership on a forum I would gladly end it. You have to remember these forums are to help drum up business for metal detector dealers and charging money for access to a forum has the potential to drive many customers old and new away. If you occasionally post a find or share a tip on these forums it actually helps them sell more metal detectors. Another step in security isn't a bad idea though.
  12. Paseclipse

    Coolgardie Closure?

    Here's an article- Desert Dispatch This sucks! What I don't get, a few months ago they were talking about ripping the desert up to build a wind farm or solar power plant out there and now they're closing it! Makes no sense to me! Del
  13. I still get a chuckle over the line "we're all millionaires... We just need to dig it out of the ground". Like a lot of newbs they have unbrealistic expectations and the attitude that getting the gold will be easy. I think most likely they will learn about this the hard way because it isn't that easy. If I was a betting man I'd place a bet against them succeeding as "millionaires". I will say though, it DOES take some cahones to try and pull off an operation like that with the limited experience they all have... Or maybe they're just stupid. I guess we'll see.
  14. Here's a list of the Minelab PI models- SD2000, SD2100, SD2200, GP Extreme, GP3000, GP3500, GPX-4000, GPX-4500, GPX-4800, & GPX-5000. You really can't go wrong getting any one of these units. Just because they're old doesn't mean they won't get gold! No specific problems on any of them because Minelab made all of them bullet proof. The minimum price you can expect to pay is ~$800 for a good used army green SD2100. If you can find a used SD2000 (kind of rare) the price can be even lower, maybe around $400-$600? Sometimes you can find a good deal on machines that might have a problem and this isn't a big deal because you can just send it into Minelab USA and pay to get the problem fixed. Hope this helps!
  15. Ohh ok. Somtimes my brain turns off I guess! See you in a few weeks Del