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  1. Probably a lot more of those places around the state too.... nice finds!
  2. Ever seen such ugly Treasures..... Someone mentioned in another post he had never seen a penny that was unrecognizable, here's a few plus the Quarter in the middle and the Dime that is maybe half it's original size.... After going back through my finds, I found 8, yes eight, 1965 Dimes but not a single '64 or older in all 40-50 Dimes..... amazingly frustrating!
  3. RAEntp

    Local Parks

    I live in one of those neighborhoods our house is from 1911 and most every house in the neighborhood is as old. I have done what little of this property is accessible it's 90% washed river rock and I don't want to cut up the liner underneath. I'll be knocking on doors and posting some finds in the coming weeks.
  4. Last Friday after spending an hour or so in the City Park and not having much luck I got a wild hair and went to the Colorado State Fairgrounds and just walked in and asked permission to wander around with my Silver uMax and was told sure go ahead... well I was floored that it was so easy ..... spent the better part of 15 minutes just deciding where to start... The fairgrounds were built around 1910 and have been used ever since, well I spent about 5 hours that first day and plum wore myself out, thankfully I had the weekend to recuperate and yesterday went back at it for a few hours. Spoke with one of the maintenance workers and learned they have several MD'ers come in right after the Fair and go over it, but appearently not very well as I have been finding a fair amount of goodies so far, though one fellow found a $10k ring last year, or so the story goes. These are my finds to date and sad to report no wheats or silver but persistence will overcome that eventually..... I hope! Keep Swingin...
  5. Been out at the parks here in Colorado since it has warmed up and having some fun, now I know these parks have been covered many times and I have seen other MD'ers out on several occasions, I often wonder what the heck they were using or how come so much is still buried in the ground. Oh well, glad they have left some for me to find though I am getting frustrated at not finding any silver coins, I at last found a wheatie last time out but they have to be out there somewhere..... been thinking maybe I should upgrade from my Silver uMax and maybe increase my depth potential... suppose I can get any deeper with a Vaquero it's what I am looking to upgrade to. I have been studying the machines pretty hard and it's one of the least expensive I can find with Manual Ground Balance....
  6. The beauty of a small 12V Solar panel is it works when the sun shines and will never overcharge your batteries, put one on the truck or as we do on our camper trailer and you will always be fully charged so recharging the pack will never be an issue.... unless of course it's dark several days in a row.
  7. My recovery techniques are spot on as I have time as a Greenskeeper at the Country Club and cut cups daily, even considered using a Cup-cutter for recovery, just way too heavy to lug around, I even got permission to do the Country Club but what a daunting task, one of the members even offered a $5k reward for the recovery of her lost earring. I have been intending to visit the Histroical Society and check with them about more of our area as I live in a Turn-of the-Century home in one of the older neighborhoods myself. Have just been struggling with an appropiate ice-breaker with the residents. Thanks for your replies and the split artifacts/coins sounds promising.
  8. I am being beckoned by all of the turn-of-the-century yards around our town and want to go knocking on doors... but not sure of the best approach to take, anyone have an acceptable approach method they would share?
  9. The color and decay of those coins is not unique to AZ, I've been finding the same thing here in CO, quarters are red, pennies are just caked and the nickel are reddish or discolored usually and that's just in the parks... was doing around a pond yesterday and they seem to just disintegrate found a few dimes probably half there original thickness and pennies not all there, it's amazing the way they change over time when not precious metals. We have been frequenting a big old "city park" here in town and have been having great success on coins and "Bobbie Pins" though the most burdensome are the pull-tabs which I refuse to "Disc out" (lol) mainly because we have found something jewelry related every day so far..... Have heard of using a vinegar soak to help clean them but learned you don't mix different coins together or let them touch...
  10. RAEntp

    this ain't a nugget!!??

    Beautiful coin! The stuff dreams are made of... The 2014 Blackbook Price Guide lists it @ $1000 and over 425,000 minted, seems awful low.