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    Ground pounding with my metal detectors.
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  1. A great Christmas it has been... Merry Christmas to all as well.
  2. McClain

    2003 Rokon Scout

    Hi, was wondering what kind of price you are asking for this, if you still have it... I'm looking for something. Just not sure if bike or four wheeler. Thanks, McClain
  3. A great day in the gold fields again Chris, great finds.
  4. Absolutely a great day!
  5. Great job, nice piece. Go get some more.
  6. Walt, you know I left that one for you last year...lol...great find.
  7. Well I got out and put this pointer to the test this past week Chris. I agree with Mike that it is very comparable to the Garrett pin pointer. However, for the price difference unless you are a hard core Garrett fan? I think this would fit anyone's budget and work all but as well. I think this is a great pointer myself. I have always found that my pin pointer goes out at the worst possible time and therefore I always have myself a backup. For the price, this pointer will definitely be in my equipment pack.
  8. Mike I would love to be there. After five surgeries on neck, hands and foot since February, well I still have got a bit of healing to do before I can get out there. Have a cold one for me.....and find some gold.
  9. McClain

    Park Gold

    Well they say gold comes in all shapes and forms..After five surgeries since Feburary, I feel blessed just to get out and do a bit of ground pounding at the park.... Thanks you all. McClain
  10. McClain

    Get Well Soon

    Broken ribs are know fun . Hang in there Walt....Gods speed to you and your healing.
  11. All is good. I will be heading your way next month I do believe. Will have to get together for a cup of coffee and swap stories about Excalibur detectors...I am happy you talked me into getting one. I have had nothing but a blast with it..