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  1. Gravelwasher

    Some incredible stuff!

    Incredible stuff!! I cant stop looking..lol
  2. Gravelwasher

    Some incredible stuff!

    Super cool stuff, looks like the finder is lucky and good a winning combo!!
  3. Gravelwasher

    Spam Attack

    I thought maybe they converted the script to character. But after going back 300 pages I found new material to read..lol Good read on some of the older posts!!
  4. Gravelwasher

    12" Evo @ 82

    I sure hope to be swinging coils when I retire. Good job and way to stay active and get out in the wild nugget country!!
  5. Good looking rock, now just gotta find where it was attached..lol Get some more!!
  6. Gravelwasher

    New EVOLUTION - coming soon!

    Thanks for the reply Chris. I experienced a elite elliptical coil on a friends gpx5000 and was puzzled by the tip of it not hitting. I know this one is a different make and all but just wanted to know some more. Sounds like a super hot coil!! Would love one this size for a GPZ....come on guys (coiltek, nuggetfinder, etc)get some aftermarket coils designed for the Z
  7. Gravelwasher

    New EVOLUTION - coming soon!

    How is the target response in terms of where it signals on the coil? I hear some of the new mono coils with flat wind and elliptical shape have no sensitivity to target at the top 2-4" of the coil until you get under the shaft. You know when there is not enough room to get the fat part of the coil between and you want to just pivot over the center and wave the tip back and forth.
  8. Gravelwasher

    New Mexico Gold!

    Way to look for what is, not what was. Excellent nugget!!
  9. Super krunchy and nice !!!
  10. Gravelwasher

    Another great Specie!

    Great character to that pc!! More nuggets for sure, big gold to you all!!
  11. Gravelwasher

    Two hours out in the hills

    Very impressive small gold with such a large coil. The hike out is always shorter with gold in the pocket!!
  12. gold nuggets on the brain, makes me a nugget head.