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  1. Chuck- I already paid for my high dollar detectors....the day I bought them strick
  2. strick

    First three nugget day!

    Nice work. Panning versus detecting looks about even! strick
  3. strick

    A very good day

    Beautiful mother load nuggets thanks for sharing! strick
  4. Barstow. If you have breakfast at the Dennys there you can watch the drug deals across the street at the motel. Keep your truck locked. strick
  5. No Thanks. I have enough stuff to carry as it is. If I want to look over a hill I'll just walk there. Those choppers are great for filming weddings and events that don't require long distance flights. strick
  6. Very nice thanks for posting. strick
  7. strick

    separation anxiety

    I'm sure your allowed back! I was at a clients ranch a while back and dug a 1893 Indian head right in front of him within the first two minutes of turning the detector on. He was more excited about it then I was so I gave it to him. strick
  8. strick

    ugly gold?

    Nice gold Matt! No such thing as an ugly nugget....I'm still picking little crumbs compared to those! strick
  9. That stuff looks so fragile! Thanks for posting that. strick
  10. Happy Birthday whoever you guys are!! strick
  11. strick

    Joe No Shoulders

    Those big snakes give me the ebbiegebbies. With all their colors and markings they can look very intimidating. Earlier this summer I went relic hunting up to an old home site in snake country. I decided to leave my dog home. No sooner did I get withing 50 yards of the pace and a big 4 footer as thick as a baseball bat comes flying across the trail in front of me trying to get into the ravine. My dog loves to hunt for lizards so it's just a matter of time I guess. And he is only 14 pounds! He is vaccinated so hopefully that will help some. I sincerely hope your dog is OK. My guess is that he is building up a strong immune system at this point! strick
  12. That is very inspiring. I have the coin and the 2300. Now I just need to find the time to get out in the field so I can post a picture similar to yours Thanks for posting. strick