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  1. The Last Hodan Picks!


    Going, going…gone! After nearly three decades of making some of the highest quality picks and digging tools, Hodan Machine & MFG is closing their doors. We have been a proud supporter of their USA made products and were saddened to see them go. Luckily, AZO was able to snatch up the last of their remaining stock. If you are looking for a new metal detecting/prospecting pick don’t wait much longer – they are going fast!


    We have three models available: the ProPick, the 24”, and 16” versions. Prices start at only $43. For more info: http://www.arizonaou...gging-tools/10/



  2. We have a near-new Minelab 8” Round Monoloop Commander Coil for sale. Easy to maneuver around rocks & brush and has excellent sensitivity! One of the most popular coils that Minelab manufacturers. It is compatible with any Minelab GPX, GP, or SD Series gold machine. It will also fit the Whites TDI. There are a few scratches on the bottom of the skid plate, but aside from that it is like new.


    Forum price is only $149 + $5 shipping. Contact 1.928.777.0267, or info@arizonaoutback.com.


  3. Bounty Hunter Pioneer 505


    We recently acquired this near-new detector. Aside from a little dust, it is in perfect working order. It is supplied with an 8” concentric coil. It can be used to hunt old coins, jewelry and valuable relics. A fun detector that’s easy to tune and with many automatic features that make it perfect for beginners as well as experienced treasure hunters of all ages. Meter displays depth of target and continuous target discrimination. 5 modes of operation! Automatic features let you turn it on and immediately start hunting.


    post-74770-0-08306000-1442525219_thumb.jpg post-74770-0-50315700-1442525226_thumb.jpg


    MAP: $299.99

    Forum Price: $149.95


    Minelab Explorer XS


    We are selling this Minelab Explorer XS which is in excellent condition. The unit has been tested and works perfectly. Cosmetically, there are a few scratches on the skid plate but otherwise it looks to be near-new. It comes with all equipment shown in the photos. This was, and still is, one of the best units out there for hunting coins, relics & treasure. The unit includes FREE SHIPPING within the continental US.


    Forum Price: $449


    post-74770-0-48583300-1442525235_thumb.jpg post-74770-0-55806100-1442525240_thumb.jpg



    Minelab E-TRAC - SOLD!!! (9-21-15)


    We are selling this gently used Minelab E-Trac metal detector. This machine is one of the very best in the world for locating coins, relics, and other buried treasure. The unit shows some signs of normal wear & tear, but is otherwise in excellent condition. Comes with a 1-Year factory warranty. The unit includes all factory parts and original box, plus FREE SHIPPING within the continental US.


    post-74770-0-55026900-1442525247_thumb.gif post-74770-0-66670300-1442525256_thumb.jpg


    MAP Price: $1,549.00

    Forum Price: SOLD


    To order, or for more information, please contact us @ 1.928.777.0267, or email: info@arizonaoutback.com. Thanks!

  4. ** New Detector Promotions from AZO & Minelab **


    Hello Fellow Prospectors,


    Attached are the newest AZO/Minelab promotions that begin on Sept 14th and end October 30th, 2015. Below are the details. As you will see, there are 2 promos that can be combined.


    AZO Promo 1 – Purchase the Minelab GPX-4500, GPX 5000 or GPZ 7000 and receive a FREE Minelab Pro-Find 25 Pinpointer & FREE Minelab Padded Detector Carry Bag at no cost! You will also receive a FREE Minelab Vest that will ship from Minelab Americas once a unit had been purchased. In addition, you will also receive the FREE bonus package (if applicable) which is listed on the AZO website! This is truly one of our biggest promo offerings ever!


    AZO Promo 2 – This is a voluntary promo, and is funded 100% by Arizona Outback. Purchase these units below and receive a FREE Go-Find Metal Detector!


    · Minelab Eureka, Excalibur or E-Trac =
    Go-Find 20
    Metal Detector

    · Minelab CTX 3030, GPX 4500 or SDC 2300 =
    Go-Find 40
    Metal Detector

    · Minelab GPX 4800, GPX 5000 or GPZ 7000 =
    Go-Find 60
    Metal Detector


    post-74770-0-32435500-1442268306_thumb.jpg post-74770-0-59225600-1442268349_thumb.jpg

    Unfortunately we cannot go back on any prior orders. These promos starts today, Sept. 14th, 2015. Please note that bonus AZO packages will not be included with orders that are eligible for both Promo 1 & 2. The customer is welcome to choose which Promo he/she can have with their purchase. For example, purchase a GPX 5000 and receive Promo 1 items and then choose between Promo 2, or the free bonus package listed on the AZO site. Let us know if you have any questions regarding these promotional offers.

  5. Join Us for a Day in the Arizona Outback - Learn to Detect!

    Metal Detector Training Classes with Chris Gholson

    We are excited to announce that Arizona Outback will be kicking off our Metal Detecting & Gold Prospecting Training Classes this October 2019. These classes will be held in the goldfields of central Arizona in the Bradshaw Mountains on Private Mining Claims. This region is home to some of the richest gold-bearing ground in the entire state. Many thousands of nuggets have been found in these mountains over the years by metal detectorists, and many are still being found today.


    post-74770-0-50724500-1441320736_thumb.jpg post-74770-0-49238200-1441320744_thumb.jpg post-74770-0-29492400-1441320768_thumb.jpg

    The purpose of these classes is to provide the knowledge and hands-on training that is needed to increases a person's odds of finding gold with a detector. Some of the topics covered will include: Understanding the Detectors Controls, Ground Balancing, Proper Technique, Target Recovery, Pinpointing, Recognizing Geological Clues, Prospecting Safety, and Much More. Your host will be renowned prospector and author Chris Gholson, who has traveled the globe in search of gold with his detector. He has nearly 25 years experience and can cut your learning curve and put you on the fast track for success! 


    post-74770-0-54061900-1441320774_thumb.jpg post-74770-0-80483500-1441320780_thumb.jpg post-74770-0-76832500-1441320786_thumb.jpg

    We can accommodate most all major brands of detectors, however we do specialize in Minelab. If you don't own your own metal detector that's not a problem - you are welcome to use ours! In fact, we have some of the most advanced detectors made by MINELAB Electronics on hand for those without their own equipment. Best of all, there's no extra charge for a day's rental! Also included in the price is a 3-day Claim Pass. This pass allows you to put your newfound knowledge to work and prospect on the claims for up to three days after your lesson. And of course you keep everything you find!


    post-74770-0-05997500-1441320795_thumb.jpg post-74770-0-40003700-1441320798_thumb.jpg post-74770-0-66697100-1441321015_thumb.jpg


    For more information, or to schedule a training class, please contact Chris at 1.928.777.0267, or email: info@arizonaoutback.com. Price for a full day's instruction with detector rental is $299. Discounts are available for groups of two or more. Some limitations apply, and classes may be rescheduled due to weather or insufficient numbers. Our season will run from October 24th , 2019 through April 1st, 2020. We hope to see you this winter on the goldfields!

    * REMEMBER: Buy your next Minelab GPX or GPZ detector from AZO and receive a FREE lesson!

  6. HD Skids for Nugget Finder


    Every detectorist knows that the skid plate is a coil’s first line of defense while out in the goldfields. Whether it’s being scrubbed along the ground or smacked into the side of a rock, the skid plate is the first thing to absorb this abuse. Some folks will take a year to wear one out; others that put in long, hard hours may burn through one in a month. Whether you are a hardcore hunter or the occasional weekend warrior, you may be interested in these new heavy-duty skid plates from Nugget Finder.


    The HD Skids are at least double the strength of the standard skid plates and are designed to fit the NF Advantage series. They are slightly thicker and more rigid, but the gains in weight are minimal. We currently have the following sizes in stock and ready to ship.


    8” Ellip.(solid) - $20

    12” Ellip. (solid) - $24

    14 x 7” Ellip. (solid) - $25

    14 x 9” Ellip. (open) - $27

    16” Round (open) - $32

    17” Ellip. (open) - $30


    Quantities at the moment are limited. They are not shown on the website yet, but they are available. To order please call 1.928.777.0267, or email: info@arizonaoutback.com. The standard grey colored skids are also in stock. Valid until 8/3/15, buy any three (3) skids of any combination and receive FREE SHIPPING!


  7. Nugget Finder Coil Summer Special!!!


    Looking for a new coil? If so, now might be the perfect time to pick up a brand new Nugget Finder! For a limited time we are running the following special on all Nugget Finder products. Purchase any NF Coil and you will receive the following:

    • Take 5% off the MAP price!
    • FREE Nugget Finder embroidered Hat
    • FREE SHIPPING! (lower 48 US states only)

    All coils come with a FREE Skid Plate and a full 2-Year Warranty! The NF line is compatible with all Minelab GPX, GP and SD series machines, plus the Whites TDI Series. Click here to see our selection of coils: http://www.arizonaou...y.aspx?catid=11. Offer expires 8/03/2015, or while supplies last. If ordering by phone please reference NF Summer Promo. If ordering online the discount may, or may not be shown. If not, it will be applied along with the shipping discount on the back end. Please contact us with any questions, and Happy Hunting!


  8. The new Minelab Go-Find’s are now @ Arizona Outback!


    post-74770-0-55405000-1432082313_thumb.jpg post-74770-0-92293400-1432082372_thumb.jpg


    Whether you are searching for coins, jewelry or treasure, the new GO-FINDS have you covered. There are 3 models to choose from. From the user friendly Go-Find 20 to the value-added Go-Find 40, or the most advanced Go-Find 60. This series is designed for users from any experience level. Starting at only $179 with FREE SHIPPING! They are not yet listed on the website, but we do have a limited amount of stock available. Call 1.928.777.0267 or email: info@arizonaoutback.com to order yours today!



  9. We are selling this brand new, never used Treasure Commander Si Robertson TC1X metal detector. This would be a great unit for someone looking to get into the hobby, but doesn’t want to spend a ton of money to get started. This machine sells for $299; however it is priced here for only $199!


    Please contact 1.928.777.0267, or email: info@arizonaoutback to order. This detector will be sold on a first-come-first-serve basis.



    10" Search Coil

    Total Weight - 3.10 lbs. (1.40 kgs.)

    Frequency - 7.8 kHz

    1 Year Limited Warranty

    Right or Left handed use

    4 individual HD audio tones

    Adjustable arm guard with strap

    Exclusive Molded "Trigger" Design

    Licensed RealTree Xtra Camo Finish

    Exclusive Adjustable Meter Assembly

    Large simple to use digital backlit interface

    Uses 6 AA-Cell Alkaline batteries (not included)

    Durable lightweight poly carbonate construction

    8 metal categories and adjustable discrimination

    3 elimination modes: All-Metal, Coin and Jewelry

    Signal strength and depth indicators in pin point mode

    Lightweight perfectly balanced adjustable 10" search coil

    Quick release extension rod design, adds up to 7" to shaft

    External 3.5mm headphone jack (headphones not included)



  10. We are pleased to announce that AZO will now be stocking the new Nokta Pointer! This pointer is packed with lots of exciting features, including being fully water-proof. We hope to have a limited supply ready to ship by next week. Price is only $126.95 and includes all items listed below. To pre-order please contact us at info@arizonaoutback.com, or phone 1.928.777.0267.


    Below is a brief product description:


    Nokta Metal detectors proudly announces the release of their all-new, all terrain, waterproof, hand held Pin Pointer that performs at maximum sensitivity and depth detection under all weather conditions. The New Nokta Pointer is the perfect detecting tool for the thousands of treasure hunters who search on land and in water. Locate your targets faster & spend more time detecting and less time chasing signals!

    The Nokta Pointer has all the features you need to quickly locate and find your targets plus some unique and exclusive items, not one, but two removable, replaceable slip-on cases that prevent wear of the Pointer search coil tip. One case also has a scraping blade. Both add longer life to your pointer.

    post-74770-0-18546400-1427927674_thumb.jpg post-74770-0-52606100-1427927695_thumb.jpg post-74770-0-96496600-1427927701_thumb.jpg

    Exclusive Features:

    • Lost Alarm and Auto Shut-Off
    • Sensitivity adjustment
    • Waterproof
    • Replaceable Hard-Shell Cases
    • 360 Detection Tip
    • LED Light
    • Coil Interference Blocking
    • Audio Alert and Vibration Options

    What’s Included:

    1. Nokta Pointer
    2. Carrying Pouch
    3. Hard-Shell Case
    4. Hard-Shell Case w/ Scraping Blade
    5. Finds Bag
    6. Belt Holster
    7. 9V Alkaline Battery

  11. post-74770-0-75965400-1427153936.png


    Hi Everyone,


    We have had numerous calls and emails in the last few days from folks on the forum wanting to know if AZO carries the Nokta line of metal detectors….Well, we are very excited to say - YES!!! At this time we don’t have a tremendous amount of stock, but we are carrying the FORS Gold and FORS CoRe; either as standards or with the Pro Package. More information is available on the AZO website http://www.arizonaou...detectors/1039/, or please call us at 1.928.777.0267.



  12. Hi Everyone,


    A heads-up to those that may still be searching for a copy of Ray Mill’s (trinityau) newest book titled, “Detecting for Gold.” We still have a handful of copies available which will come with FREE SHIPPING for any order placed during the month of February. The book is large format with over 200 pages packed full of helpful tips & tricks for the modern prospector. Contact us today! We accept all major credit cards & PayPal.


    Click here to Buy: http://www.arizonaoutback.com/azoroot/shop/item.aspx/detecting-for-gold/1328/


    Phone: 1.928.777.0267

    Email: info@arizonaoutback.com


  13. Detecting for Gold - New!


    We are pleased to announce that we are now taking orders for the highly anticipated book “Detecting for Gold” by our very own Ray Mills (trinityau). If you have followed any of Ray’s posting here you will know that when it comes to prospecting with a metal detector he is a wealth of knowledge. His new book is 218 pages long and packed with photos and useful tips & tricks that can only be learned after countless man hours in the field. The book will sell for $29.95. If you would like to reserve your own copy today you can also take advantage of our limited FREE SHIPPING. We hope to have the books in stock and ready to ship this month.


    Please call 928.777.0267, or email us at: info@arizonaoutback.com to reserve your copy. Mention the promo code: DFG-15 to get your free shipping.


    * free shipping only applies to orders placed within the continental US (lower 48)


  14. It’s almost here…The GPZ-7000 is Minelab’s newest addition to their range of gold machines. It is packed with new features and advantages which are sure to have prospectors smiling! Pricing and a firm ship date are not available at this time, but we hope to have that information within a week or so. Please stay tuned for more info., or contact AZO to add your name to our early waiting list.


  15. AZO is proud to introduce the new X-POINTER!


    We just received a batch of these pin pointers and they are selling fast. The reason is simple – it offers quality pulse induction technology at a very affordable price! This product is easy to use and a valuable addition to a traditional hand-held metal detector. Ideal for pinpointing the location of coins, relics or even nuggets. Quantities are limited, so please contact us (928.777.0267 or, info@arizonaoutback.com) for current availability.


    post-74770-0-92672700-1409957323_thumb.jpg post-74770-0-23491200-1409957334_thumb.jpg

    • Rugged construction - will not “false” when pressure is applied.
    • PI technology will penetrate heavily mineralized dirt.
    • Excellent depth range with 4 levels of sensitivity.
    • 3 modes of operation (sound, vibrate, sound & vibrate).
    • LED light.
    • Water resistant (not submersible).
    • Includes skid caps (4) and a security lanyard.
    • Two year warranty – serviced in the USA.

    AZO PRICE - $89.95

    * does not include shipping



  16. Customer Scores with the SDC 2300!

    Here is a short testimonial we received this morning from a customer in California.


    “Dear AZO, I could not wait to test my new SDC2300 which arrived yesterday. So today I went to a nearby place where I had found gold before. And here is a 0.31-g nugget found at the depth of 1.5". I like the machine very much, and even the armrest that others complain about is not a problem for me. Many thanks for the great deal on the detector!”


    -Dmitri M. (California, USA)