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  1. i was detecting an old area along the old national trail rd and this is what i found, 1898 barber dime, 1923s merc, 1916d wheat, 1956 and 1957 wheats, and an old marble from the late 1800s its called a german brown bennington marble. thanks for looking, i am new to this forum because i also am starting to prospect for nuggets i bought a minelab gold detector so i can post for all my different types of hunting on this forum
  2. minelabmike

    Look down...

    wow you are so lucky, big congrats to you. found many old coins but never a gold one
  3. looks like the sdc 2300 is the detector to get for nugget hunting
  4. nothing better then gold, great job
  5. minelabmike

    California Specie

    i will be happy when i find my first nugget" very nice nugget your friend found, there is a lot of nice nuggets that come out of calif
  6. minelabmike

    Final Tally

    nice amount of gold, good job
  7. minelabmike

    Alex & Tucker Score Again!

    great find" congrats