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  1. Marked down to $500.00 for the up coming season! Give me a call for details.
  2. Just want to give Chris and Arizona Outback a public "Thank You" for going above and beyond to provide service for a fellow detectorist! Could not be more happy Job Well Done. This is just another reason why Arizona Outback is my go to outlet for detector supplies make it yours. Ben
  3. If you ever wanted to drywash for gold in the desert here is a great used 12 volt puffer style drywasher. This machine has been used only a few times and is excellent condition. Keene makes a top-of-the-line product! Asking $575.00 for this great piece of equipment. Don't wait any longer get started finding gold today! It is the Keene model DW212 V with 12 volt electric motor or a hand operation handle just in case mode. Can be seen in Bullhead City AZ. I can be reached at 702-298-1015 ask for Ben! SOLD
  4. I must say that I have very good time out in the field! Picked up a couple of new tips and tricks and some helpful insight on what to LQQK for when out trying to find a good spot to detect. I was able to pick up some very small targets that was not gold, that Chris was surprised how very small the target actually turned out and the sensitivity of the coil! I was using my new EVO 14x9 coil with just normal settings and the coil sensitivity was outstanding. And it sure was fun to watch Keri's hand shake with excitement when she found that piece of gold for the first time! Thanks again for the good time Chris and Arizona Outback are best in the west!
  5. dieitcoke

    GPX + EVO = AU

    Thanks for the info on the coils.
  6. dieitcoke

    GPX + EVO = AU

    Have a question about why you purchased the 12" EVO and not one of the other size coils. I have the GPX 4000 and am interested in purchasing one of the EVO coils any info would be helpful. The ground I hunt has been hit hard over the years . Thanks.