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  1. I do appreciate the photos and congrats to the finder!
  2. That is some nice looking stuff! I'm not sure I could cut that up though as I prefer the au naturel version, but seeing pictures of this kind of craftsmanship may change my mind. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Azavsfan

    Mining Claim Question.

    It's crazy how many markers are just left there from previous claim owners and some newer ones folks have put up but never filed paperwork just to scare off people. In researching claims around here I've found county paperwork where some say the corner marker is "USGS brass cap of" so and so township and range. BLM did verbally tell me that like the book says, the USGS brass cap is not a valid marker and an argument can be made that without valid markers a claim is not valid. There is plenty of open ground down here but he told me if confronted by a purported claim owner, politely ask them to show you their markers and paperwork, provided they are reasonable folk.
  4. Azavsfan

    Mining Claim Question.

    I'm just relaying what local BLM has told us. There is a guy from California that likes to file with our county recorder every 75-89 days but never files w BLM. The theory being that it is cheaper to pay the county $10 for a recording fee that establishes date of claim in case someone else actually files with BLM he then can pay BLM and say that his was recorded with county earlier instead of paying the high claim fee. BLM states he has 90 days to file with them after staking. BLM has further told us that if there are no markers with paperwork then it's not valid but only the court can decide who was first and BLM will take money from anyone and in some cases claims are double and triple stacked. We just went thru some of this with local (Yuma) BLM and even had to go to Phoenix office for pertinent doc's and info. The system can be played and even the rule enforcers aren't always up to snuff.
  5. Azavsfan

    Mining Claim Question.

    And just to throw a wrench into the works, if you let the claim expire thinking that you'll just re-file afterwards, you need to make sure someone hasn't filed over the top of you. There are some claims that many parties believe to be theirs and BLM will let many people file on the same ground saying its not BLM job to adjudicate but instead the county recorder + court. BLM is happy to take money but true ownership date is established at county level. It's a real bucket of stinky stuff at times!
  6. Azavsfan

    First 2016 hunt

    Nope, not til Wednesday they say. Condor has been loaning me his since he primarily uses the GPZ.
  7. Got out for a few hours today and managed these 2 within a foot of each other. I thought there was a third, bigger piece right inline and downhill from these 2 but it turned out to be a piece of buckshot about 10-12" deep. Really got the heart thumping though. Good luck to everyone this year!
  8. Azavsfan


    Thanks Chris. Same to you and everyone out there reading!
  9. That is one fine looking specimen! I keep hoping and know that as long as I keep looking, I have chance of finding.
  10. Azavsfan

    Azavsfan update

    Fred - good point and I used to do that with my Garrett 2500 as it's older but I figured since this SDC was under 1 year old it wouldn't be a problem. I did store it without batteries installed. Not sure what could've caused the malfunction but the category of $#*t happens comes to mind. beatup - I go back to school Jan 11 but PM me when you get here and maybe we can get out. How long will you be in Yuma for? Dean - Thanks! Merry Christmas to you as well. How is the hunting? Did you guys freeze up there last week?
  11. Hello all. I haven't posted in a long time but have been busy! No hunting over the summer due to the wonderful Yuma weather we have. I started college in the fall so hunting didn't start until a few weeks ago. No sooner had I started the SDC up and it had problems. Bad falsing and audio cutouts/volume hi/lo variations. Tried different batteries and cleaning out skid plate w/no help. Minelab said send it back, again, and it's off. I'm really bummed as my winter break is over 11 Jan and so goes my hunting time. Fortunately we have a friend here that has a spare md for me to use (Thanks Condor/Steve!). Of the few times out, I did manage to find an old coin spill w/one silver Merc, an undated Buff and a 55 Lincoln cent. Jan school will be interesting since I'll be taking Geology 101 and my classmate is also my detecting buddy who is better known as Dad. I look forward to it but want my SDC back. Good luck and Merry Christmas to all!
  12. Congrats on the first find. You'll never stop now.
  13. Azavsfan

    First Time's a Charm

    If that had been my first piece I'd still be out even in this furnace known as Yuma! Awesome find, can't wait for the fall cool down.
  14. Spent a little time in that area Mike is talking about and got more color panning than Dad did w the SDC. Plenty o trash though. Another place for info was the main ranger station in Prescott. The ranger in there was helpful and even emailed all the info to me. Good luck!
  15. Azavsfan

    Nice chunk of gold!

    That is awesome. Thanks for sharing and the motivation!