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  1. Very cool. Man I've been eyeing those SDC's for a while now. Chris, I know these machines are fairly new to the market, but do you ever get "lightly used" machines for sale? I feel I need to find a piece of gold with my GB pro before I can justify moving up to a machine like that though. And that means me getting out there, which is VERY hard to do it seems. Cheers
  2. Thanks to all. Hey Azavsfan, Actually this area is further south in the Angeles Forest. I have some areas on the Piru creek that I am planning on checking soon though. Feel free to drop me any of your old "hot Spots" LOL - Just kidding!! Hope to get out in the mountains for Au this weekend or next. Man, time is the hardest thing to find for me so far. Cheers G
  3. Amazing colors when new or after fresh molt. Yup, they are showing up more and more around here too. The babys are the worst. They're more of a strike first, ask questions later... LOL. Nice pic
  4. Hey all, got out yesterday in a fairly local area. Place is known for placer deposits, so there is gold in the area. So I went for it, cause you never know.... Well, one thing I do know is that this canyon and it's related Gullys and Gulches have seen a good 100 years of shooting. So, I seriously could not swing without getting a hit. I focused on only the mellow hits in the right target range. Figuring going deeper will hopfully up my odds. Lots of good signs with floating quartz all around. Lots of deep red dirt with contact zones hitting White Caleche type soil. lots of exposed walls of River bed material. Everything being detected. If' i'da dugg EVERYTHING I would have had a pound or more of Lead Some pics below. note the one with black circles pointing out lead in the stream bed. This was one of many little streams and you can see all the lead fragments and solid slugs that are being washed down and exposed. Crazy. One hoto with Detector is a hillside showing the floating quartz . Another showing some quartz cemented in Celeche. Last one showing what I dug (only mellow hits - sounding like a nickel at 8 to 12 inches) except for some of the brass. I also took quite a few dirt samples which I will be panning soon. Great Hike with amazing sceanery and ready to get out again.
  5. G-bone


    Very cool. Nice find.
  6. Yodels All. Brand new to AZO forum. Thank you Mr. Gholson, for working out the bugs so I can post here and hopfully contribute to the community. Been reading alot of great posts and soaking it all in. Picked up a Gold Bug Pro a couple months ago and have been practicing at home and local trails. I have been out twice now, on what I would call an official Exploritory trip for Au. My last outing was the neatest with mines in the area and LOTS of bedrock to scrub. Just spent most of my day getting there and back (long hike), so my time spent swinging was not as much as there should have been. So that area is on my list for a second go. Lots of lead and brass though and a great day out in Mom's back yard. Just love it. No nugget yet to claim as my find, but I will soon. Cheers G