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  1. jhuntphx

    Great weekend hunt!

    i suspect the "modding" would cost more than the detector anyway..haha. not to mention having to send it off to Australia. Cant wait to get my hands on one. The nuggets I keep seeing posted on theses forums never seem to be pulled out with a VLF. I was just as excited about the Equinox when i pre-ordered it back in November but I think the best way to go right now is the GPX. The GB2 has been great for that tiny gold in Hard Rock Veins but that's all I use it for. My buddy owns a Patented Lode claim in the Copper Basin Mining district that's been dormant since the war act. It was producing OPT in the teen's back then, but sadly the BLM or Some other State agency has kindly destroyed it.(Didn't think they could touch a Patented Claim). Pretty sure a detector has never been run on that claim. (Not legally anyhow). Don't know if there is any Placer in the area but I don't feel confident running a VLF out there. Feel like i'm going to walk right over gold never knowing it was there. Thanks for boosting my confidence in the GPX guys.. Never used one before so when I get my hands on one (If Chris takes my Kid's that is) then i'll probably be in here asking all of those annoying newbie questions that have been answered a million times over... haha. I'm going to cry when i let go of that Equinox though.
  2. jhuntphx

    Great weekend hunt!

    As soon as my Equinox arrives (so I can sell it.. ..) I will be in touch about that 4500. Watched a video with a Modded 4500 in Australia and it absolutely blew my mind.
  3. jhuntphx

    Great weekend hunt!

    is there a layaway plan available at AZO ??.. haha. Going to sell off my VLF machines (GB2, Monster1000 & even my new Equinox800) as down payment for a GPX 4500 or 4800. Me thinks its time to make the move into pulse induction. These VLF's are getting frustrating.
  4. Should be able to access road runner claims by turning left at the old dynamite shack. Rough road but that's also the way to the Weaver "Forget me Not" claim. (Still have plans to visit that one soon.)
  5. Thank you sir... I feel like a tourist trying to find some of these sites. Spent a whole day just trying to locate claim markers near stanton a few months ago. Ended up driving back to the store near the stanton entrance, and the owner told me the worst they could do was shoot you for being on the wrong cliam. Makes you feel all warm & cozy out there.. haha.
  6. Hello everyone! Newbie here with a few questions that may have been answered a 1000 times before.. Took my Nokta Fors out to the GPAA "soldier boy" yesterday. Had some fun but didnt find anything so headed over to Lynx Lake to do a little panning before the day was over. Found Lynx lake, but couldnt figure out where to go from there... Where do i go from the Fee / Boat rentals parking area & is it safe to use a metal detector in the area ?? Maybe there are club claims in the area?? Are there any places to prospect that are NOT on club claims? Closed claims maybe?? Just seems like all of the club claim sites have been worked pretty hard over the years. Thanks, James Hunt --------------------------- (I know its been said before but HUGE THANKS to Chris for the awesome service at AZO).