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  1. Grubstake, i do not know you, but i do know Chris and what you described does not match his character nor his personality. I believe that Chris and Alyssa have worked hard for everything they have and accomplished and do a fine job at it. i have always had good, honest dealings with Chris both personally and in business and he has always gone out of his way to make those around him and in his business dealings satisfied with the outcome, and has built many bridges along the way. --Wes
  2. SOLD, thanks Phil. -wes
  3. Sale pending, thanks -wes
  4. if you bought the package i would deliver. -wes
  5. i did an edit of the first post, just bumpin it up, thanks. -wes
  6. I can not add any photos to this post, it said the global limit of the site is full , if you would like to see photos, please email me and i will sent you them, thanks. ---wes
  7. Minelab GP 3500 *11" DD coil 6v rechargeable battery Koss vr-30 headphones Power cord 110v/12v chargers battery harness manual and all original packing Plus-- AZO outpak batt/gear pack AZO control box cover AZO arm cuff cover Jonathan Porter Latest update DVD Minelab carry bag Minelab digging belt *(new retail for package $3499.95)* *Above Package $2800.00 Gear- *Detacc Booster/Speaker combo $110.00 Reeds compact** 12v Lithium Ion Battery system Smart charger and 110v/12v chargers $190.00 Minelab 8" Mono Commander Coil $50.00 Nugget Finder 16" super light Mono coil $300.00 Nugget Finder 16" super light DD XP coil $310.00 Hodan Machine long handle pick w/ shovel attachment $30.00 **AZO HD Detector/coil/gear carry bag $20.00 Snakeguardz snake leg protection $30.00 Jonathan porter unleashing the gp series DVD set $20.00* AZO monster power cable $20.00 (new retail for all gear $1620.00) All above gear as package for $1080.00 (new retail for detector package and gear $5119.95) Detector and extras as a package $3680.00 (detector and gear is in like new condition, can hand deliver in central arizona) Wes Schultz kd7irm@gmail.com (plus shipping)
  8. kd7irm

    AZO tip

    flak i use this type of mob myself and it works great, corected the problem. i only use the cable clip on the bottom of the hadle and it is enuff to do the trick, so i stoped there. you are right everyone should give this a try, it works! -wes
  9. oh heck, now all the poor little bass in arizona have the same future as those defenceless little yeller rocks do, going home with bob! great catch bob & betsy!
  10. welcome to the forum glen, hope you have a much fun as we do on here.
  11. kd7irm


    depending on the ground, i try to use my NF 16'' SL Mono in deep and sensitive settings (3500)and it does stay very sensitive at shallow depths, those Nuggetfinder coils are a big improvement over stock. dont count the stock coil out though, it is very usefull for shallow ground that is mineralized, like a gully with bedrock showing. -wes
  12. kd7irm


    hi nohave, a 1.7 grammer is not bad for the first week, most look a lot longer before a first, so congrats and keep it up!. man, those are great finds, thanks for sharing. --wes (remember that a p.i. unit will not respond to an open air test the same as a vlf will, in open air most vlf's will respond a lot futher away from the coil than they do in real world mineralized soil and p.i.'s will show a limited response compared to what they will in mineralized soil.)
  13. hi bob, not trying to answer for chris, but i saw your post and remembered i was talking to him about those just the other day and if im not mistaking, he said they where going to be about the same price as the the current 8hr/w boost model but last something like 14 hrs on a charge and lighter. i dont remember if he said when he was to get em. hope this helps, --wes
  14. congrats to you guys bob, just in time too! looks like its going to be a cold rainy next few days again. -wes