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  1. =================== Morning to ya Bob! Has the Kalifornia Gold filled your poke to overflowing? Trust all is well for both you and Betsy. Bandana Don
  2. On my last ATV I bought a pair oh KOLPIN GEAR GRIPS and mounted them on the front rack with approptiate size pieces of wood on the bottom side of the rack cover. Woeked very well even using one of my Super Shaft uppers. The detector was stable and secure even on ruff trails. Don
  3. Bandana Don

    What a week

    Bob my question is were you in Arizona on October 16th? That was the day I thought I saw you. Don
  4. Bandana Don

    What a week

    Bob I've been meaning to send ya a greeting from sunny Arizona but it's been so darn nice I keep forgetting about you and your new quest for California Gold. Goog luck and dig for the yellow rocks my friend. According to a TV program on the History Channel, the California Game and Fish has been seriously after game poacghers in NorCal. Best to be careful while out detecting keeping a sharp eye out for the poachers and weed growers. You mentioned you made several trips back to AZ for the remainder of you household goods but when was yoiur last trip (date). Think I may have seen you on the road. Tell Betsy hello for me. Regards, Don AKA Bandana Don
  5. Bandana Don


    ------------------------ I have an '08 Polaris RAZER 800 EFT with: full roll and nurf bars, 1/2 windshield, Polaris top and belly pan, 1500 watt stereo Amp with speakers, Dual Batteries, Dyno Jet Commander II fuel modulater, Loony Tuned Dual Exhaust and Set of almost new extra tires mounted on black factory rims. This unit is on Craig;s List. Recently serviced by Star Island in Prescott. My telephone nu,ber is 928-427-0064. Please, no calls after 9:00 p.m. Don Alkexander aka Bnadana Don
  6. Bandana Don


    Hi Chris, how old is the GB2? Did you buy the unit new and is the detector still covered by Fischer Factory Warranty? Specifically what all comes with the GB2 you are offering to sell? How come no 6-1/2" coil? Let me hear back from you. Don
  7. Aw shucks Jonathan ya jus gotta remember those six guns are all part of the "Code Of The West"... thankfully the gov'ment hasn't seriously attempted to take em away from us like your gov'ment did! Here in the West our right to keep our firearms serves as a lethal treat to the evil ones who want to break in to our homes, steal our property and do us physucal harm. That being said, gun owners who use their firearms in personal/home defense are responsible for their actions. Hope ya make it back this way again, Don
  8. Bandana Don

    AZ weather reports

    Seldom during a decent rain or wind storm does the power NOT go out here in Peeples Valley; but, our electricity came back on at 1:00 a.m. Biggest problem I had last noc (medical terrm for night) was the wind blowing the rain so hard the water leaked under the back door sweep. For over 2 days I have had at least 1 inch of water constantly flowing across my back yard. Hopefully this latest storm hasn't redamaged my roof. The 88 to 100 mph winds of the earlier storm were awusome. I thought they would blow the windows out on the South side of my home. Standing firm with dry feet hopefully thinking I've had enough water from Kalifornia! LOL Don
  9. Bandana Don

    Decent earthqauke shakes my boots!

    Aw shucks guys isn't it great to live in Kalifornia and be able to watch the earth move around. Not for me though, I'm thankful I live in Arizona. Don
  10. Bandana Don

    "Beyond Skimming"

    Morning Gary: I too live in Peeples Valley but until the past several days I've not previously seen your posts. Heck at my age I could have seen your posting and forgot em. Are you new to the PV area? Perhaps we'll meet one of these days. Don
  11. Hey Mark you can find gold in the Davis Mountains... never did see any placer Au but did see some nice vein gold when I lived in Houston. Perhaps you can do some snooping around with your detector and score a nuggie. Don
  12. Bandana Don


    Bob: Call it what ya will but I'd rather think of it as being thrifty. Never know what goodies garage/yard sales offer. Besides. I am in no particular rush to gert my RZR to look like one giant mud ball. Knowing you are out there hitting all the patches with your beeper means I'll have to go a long way to find a place in AZ you haven't yet touched. Don
  13. Bandana Don


    Bob, one of the things that interested me when I was thing about buying my '08 RZR was the owner had installed and extra battery... two batteries are more reliable than one. One thing I need to buy/get for my RZR is a jack -- just in case. So I keep looking for a small hydraulic bottle type jack at yard sales. That bridge spike was sometging I don't think you much expected. Can't Dave down in Congress at B & B Tires repair your tire? If so that'd save ya a 105mile round trip trip to Prescott City. Don
  14. Bandana Don

    Here it comes

    Morning Gary: Both Peeples Vally and Yarnell have Volunteer Fire Deptments with Emt's and if necessary both ground and helicopter ambulances are available. Hospital wise, Yavapai Regional Mwedical in Prescott is only 50 miles away while the smaller Wickenburg Community Hospital is about 35 miles from Yarnell. I have several medical problems requiring more than an Internist so I go to Prescott for physician services. We are fortunate to have a good acquifer thus local water system/service is very good and reasonably priced. APS provides electricital service. Septic Systems are the standard for both communities. Polution from PHX is not a problem. My home sits on a quarter acre lot at 4,500 ft. altitude, the climate is very nice in Peeples Vally with no desert heat. Montana Bob Dansie knows where the gold os so ya got to pry that info out of him. Hope this info proves helpful. Don
  15. Bandana Don

    Here it comes

    Gary I don't know what you are looking for re a get-a-way place here in Peeples Vally but there are some rather nice stick built and mobile homes for sale. Yarnell was not for me when I decided to retire in AZ.. Don