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  1. Yes, The luck of the Irish was with you! That's a valuable piece of gold. Southside
  2. southside


    I'm drooling! Southside
  3. southside

    ATSE Clunies-Ross award

    Reference to Montana's statement, I'm in complete agreement, +1. Southside
  4. WOW Montana, That is some high dollar stuff you found there, congratulations and welcome to California. Cheers, Southside Super nice shine to the gold
  5. Howdy Adam and Ray, I do still have two left, there is a guy in Idaho that is very interested in one so let me know soon. Thanks, Southside
  6. Madtuna, Congrats on the nice nugget, I'd be celebrating too. Southside
  7. southside

    A couple more

    Howdy All, I call it "the poison", but believe it or not, I can make a bed of stems and leaves of the poison and lay down and take a nap in it. The problem years ago was, I brought it home and gave to my wife at some point after we went to bed, and yes, after I took a shower. In a day or two she had a good dose of it and off to the doctor for treatment. So, I've learned to reconize it during all four seasons and avoid it, and I too have left gold behind because of it. Been on my list to go into some of these spots and spray the poison to erracticate it so I can get back in there to detect, I'm sure the BLM guys would love to catch me doing that. Southside
  8. I saw on the Channel 3 news last night that the Big nine pound nugget found in Northern California last year sold at auction Wednesday for $400,000. Approx. $3700/oz. If only I could find one, Southside
  9. southside

    3 pieces

    Montana, Way to go and nice finds, I've been lucky to speck a few nuggets myself. I know a big red bank that washes off during heavy rain events and I can count on specking gold almost every time. The mystery is I haven't picked up any targets while detecting on this red bank for some reason. By the way, thanks for using grams to measure your nugget weights. Southside
  10. Hey Montana, My camera started doing the same thing, lots of horizonal lines, no picture. I got a feeling you will find lots of those small nug patches between the big ones. Southside
  11. Howdy again, here's an update: I sold one of the three coils and still have two left, let me know if you want a picture or a serial #. thanks, Southside
  12. southside

    My Christmas Present

    Jonathan, Happy New Years and good detecting, Southside
  13. Oh, I'm NOT a Minelab dealer. Just a working stiff who likes to detect, Southside.
  14. Howdy Adam, Check yourself Brother. Yes, they are real Minelab search coils from the two 4500's I purchased, the third one is my partners, we prefer Coiltek and Nuggetfinder coils. I live in central Cal., and I've been a forum member since '03. Any other questions? Regards, Southside