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  1. Chris, You are right. Reese put a great deal of effort into his book and it came out beautifully. I have my copy and your customers should not hesitate to purchase one. Bugler
  2. Thank you Chris! I couldn't make out which detector you were using. It looked like a 4500 or 5000. I don't think it was the Z. Am I mistaken? Bugler
  3. Bugler

    Back from Mexico!

    Thank you for sharing, Chris. Those are beautiful pictures and great memories for your family.
  4. Chris, Just want to say a big thank you for the outstanding service you provided on my order placed late Friday. I received it Monday up here in Montana. Bugler
  5. Chris, Very sorry for you and your family's loss. Bugler
  6. Terry, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Each time I file a Plan of Operations the Forest Service worries about me digging a hole.....how wide and how deep? While the entire forest around me is dying due to neglect. It is time that each state manages the lands within its border. Bugler
  7. Clay, This is an outstanding post! Thank you very much for taking the time to help us all out! Bugler
  8. Good Morning, Can someone help me understand the "small miners exemption" and the reduction in filing fees? I am part owner in an association claim of 160 acres and I file a Maintenance Fee Payment Waiver Certification by Sept. 1st and an Affidavit Of Labor by Dec. 1st and our fee is $10.00 for the claim. In the event that we did not "work" our claim we would have to pay $140.00 per 20 acres of the 160 acres or $1120.00. So, again, if we did not "work" our claim how would the "small miners exemption" save us from the full cost of the new fees? Thanks for your information. Bugler
  9. Good Morning, I live in the Quartzsite area and have found a nice 3oz. nugget (I am not set up for photos). Anyway, does anyone know where I might get ahold of some hydroflouric acid to take off a bit of quartz on this piece? I am willing to travel to someone who has some acid and pay to have this given a bath. Can anyone help? Thanks, Bugler
  10. Good Morning, All, I did pick up Whink's Rust Stain Remover. My question now is whether or not I should dilute it at all or use it as is? Bugler
  11. Gold Seeker, Thank you for the clarification. I'm sure I would have just reached up on the shelf and taken any one of the products called "Whink". I will give this a shot and let you know how the product worked. Bugler
  12. MT-AZ-HP and Waynerboy, Thank you for the "heads-up" guys. I will give Whink a try. This nugget appears to have a fairly thin layer of quartz over both sides and a nice thick center of gold. It may be that the lesser acidic product will do the trick. Good luck in your hunting! Bugler
  13. SD2100/cover 8" Mono Minelab 11" DD Minelab Platypus DDPro Coiltek Auto/Home charger Original Minelab battery pack 4hr battery pack Video and Manual Very Clean condition $2200.00 Bugler
  14. I am selling this detector for a couple in Canada and as far as I know they wish to sell it all as one unit. Let me get back to you after I contact them if they want to sell it by itself. Bugler
  15. For anyone out there who sells gold, Do you sell most of your gold through a refinery or do you sell it to an individual? If a refinery, which one do you do most of your business with? Bugler
  16. Thank you, Lunk. I was about to make a big mistake according to your advice. I have many beautiful nuggets and have decided to sell some to assist me in going after some more. With costs of mining going sky-high, I might as well put some of my good fortune back into my diggings. I hope to meet you one day. I've been keeping track of your adventures........keep it up! Bugler
  17. BEAUTIFUL, Uncle Ron! Like you, I have been pushing my SD2100 around the mountains and deserts since the 2100's hit the states and it has given me more pleasure than I can post. The more you try the luckier you get! Bugler
  18. Chris and Jim P., Thank you both for your thoughts on my friend's detector. We are going to search out each idea and then send it in if all else fails. It's great to get on here and have interested folks respond. Hope prospecting gives you many more rewards! Bugler
  19. While detecting with his GP Extreme, a friend of mine said the machine just went quiet on him and would not respond after that. He has checked the battery, the connecter cable, the headphones and nothing shows any problem. The only thing left to check is the coil. He was using the 8" Minelab coil. Are there any Extreme users out there that have run into this problem? What was the remedy besides sending it in to Minelab for service? He checked the two batteries he has which are the old style dome top Minelab battery and 4hr small dome top battery. Both indicate power. Any thoughts? Thank You, Bugler
  20. Onion Gold, Thank you, I'll have him give your ideas a try. Bugler
  21. How do you tell if a coil is Mono or DD when looking at it? A friend has an 18" black MineLab coil, but we have know idea if it is DD or Mono. What am I missing? Bugler
  22. Mike C. and Goldbug Ron, Thanks for the reply and ideas. What I meant to say about looking at the coil to tell if it was DD or Mono was if the serial# may indicate one series of another. I have seen black coils that have GP Extreme written on them and now I know that one should be DD. This one has no writing on it. so, next step will be to test the coil response to a nail or gold. I use Mono coils and find pinpointing with the 8" round to be dead center while on the bigger round coils to pinpoint well on the edge. I find the mono eliptical coils pinpoint well right on the tip (front or back). What about pinpointing with the DD's? Bugler
  23. Chris, Way to go on your new job with ICMJ. I have certainly enjoyed your input here on the web as well as your articles in past ICMJ's. I will continue to look for your next one! Bugler
  24. Great idea, Chris. I am looking forward to it. The last several posts on geological formation of gold was priceless. It made for very good late night reading. Thank you to all who offered input! Bugler
  25. Lunk, That is some very nice looking gold. If you are near Post Falls, ID, you have country very similar to mine in Montana. I still haven't tried to download pictures but you have given me more courage. Thanks again for the post. Bugler