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  1. in excel condition please got one thanks
  2. why would anyone pay that close to retail?they have a new one i saw starting at 550 buy now around 640.it's insane to pay 500 used when you can buy new for a little more. -o-
  3. hi,still looking.want to spend around $400 -o-
  4. Buzzard,thanks for the reply but still holding out for gb2 or lobo. -o-
  5. thanks rick but think i'll wait for a gb2 or lobo. -o-
  6. MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL. well i hope everyone got their mine labs from santa this year.i didn't so still on the hunt. guest raises a good question,what is a fair price for an st or a gb2.i know what i'm hoping for but might not be realistic. -o-
  7. hey bud i know what you mean as i belong to the "old guys club".forced retirement and i'm really bored.joined gpaa last summer and wife and i are having fun with this prospecting stuff.anybody in so. oregon care to teach me how to use one of these? -o-
  8. hey guys,thanks for the quick replys,good forum. wirechief,thanks for the advice guest,what did you have in mind?
  9. hopeing to find a gold bug 2 or tesoro lobo in good condition.(reasonable).i'm brand new at this so from my research i assume these are about the best for the money.am i right? thanks -o- MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE