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  1. I know this is probably not the right place for this but the site will not let me go anywhere else. Tells me I'm am not allowed to contact members or administrators. Site accepts my log in but will not allow me to contact anyone via messages or post to any other thread. Could someone tell an administrator to please contact me with a solution to the problem? Caldave
  2. CalDave

    Unknown 'Friend'

    For what it's worth. I opened an email from someone I did not know, something I never do. Bad move, it was ransomware and all my files have been encrypted and I cannot gain access to them without a very expensive trip to the computer repair store. The jerk was asking for a ransom of $7000 dollars in bit coin to unlock my files.
  3. Thank you Mike, must be on my end tried bringing up the site this am and again received the same message 'error 404 site not found'.
  4. I was wondering if the site has been having problems with logging on or if it is something on my end. About 12 times last week and this week I got the message either 404 or 405 the site is not available.
  5. Nice offer Jennifer, if I wasn't so darn old I'd be seriously looking to buy a couple of claims. Good luck hope you make some deals.
  6. Pretty impressive find. In 2000 near Fukang (China), a Chinese dealer got a 1,003 kilograms (2,211 lb) mass from Xinjiang Province, China. He removed from the main mass about twenty kilograms (forty-four pounds) and in February 2005 the meteorite was taken to theTucson Gem and Mineral Show. There it was seen by Dante Lauretta of University of Arizona. Afterwards the mass was investigated by D.S. Lauretta, D. Hill, M. Killgore, D. Della-Giustina and Y. Goreva at Southwest Meteorite Center, Lunar and Planetary Laboratory,University of Arizona in Tucson.[1]
  7. Doc, do you have a web page for ordering? Thanks.
  8. CalDave

    Nugget Contest

    Aye, would Ye be having a link lad??
  9. I never had the pleasure of meeting the man but whenever I hear of a fellow prospectors passing it saddens me greatly. RIP Kelly
  10. CalDave

    Detected a Vein

    That is a terrific find, we should all be so fortunate. Wish him more luck!
  11. CalDave

    Nice chunk of gold!

    Outstanding find, happy for you!!
  12. CalDave


    Congrats, that is a beauty!
  13. CalDave

    Birthday today.

    Chris, here's hoping you have a Golden Birthday!