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  1. Thanks for that info. I had installed a kit a few years ago and it was pretty easy. I will call Chris and see what he has thanks Mike
  2. Chris, do you have a New old stock Gold Button for GP 3000. I came across a new GP3000 recently and it would make it more useable. If not do you know where I could find the Kit or instructions for the Kit. Mike
  3. Recently I came across an unused GP3000 and would like to buy The Gold Button . This was the mod to put a momentary Tracking switch on the handle. I want to sell this unit but it will be more sellable if it is easier to use. Several years ago I installed one. It came in a kit with new handle.. Does any one know where to buy one or have the install instructions . I can buy parts needed. would like new old stock Thanks Mike
  4. I will be in Yuma in a few days and wonder if anyone can hook me up with a detecting or prospecting club or Two. I would like to go out beeping while in the area. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks Mike
  5. Mike517

    GOLD BUG 2

    Mine did not come with the strap, It came with a harness so the control box is between my waist and chest and that makes the rod and coil very light. The strap is not needed in this situation.
  6. I installed one about a year ago and the connectors just clamp on to the existing wires, the most difficult part was getting the faceplate out so I could drill the hole for the connector. It works great and is all it is said to be. Mike
  7. Mike517

    GP Voltage

    The voltage will drop as soon as you turn on the switch, the load provided by the detector will drop it to with in safe operating ranges
  8. Bob, I forgot to say nice finds. I will be in Alder Mt in Sept and hope to do some detecting while I am there Mike
  9. Bob,Alan My Dad lives in Stevensville my sisters tn Columbia Falls and Bigfork. I spent the week of July 4th up there, I took my detector but there was soo much visiting going on I didn.t get it out of the truck. White water raft trip on the Flathead river Trip to GlacierPark Family reunion in Stevensville. I did see cousins aunts and unckles that I have not seen in 35 years I lived in and around Helena for almost 40 years. I have been in Boise for 15 and it is hot here. Over 100 for 12 days in a row one day 111 Mike
  10. You would get rid of 1/3 of them if you don't allow them wellfare, food stamps, free education and free medical they would go home. Deport the ones we have in jails and prisonsthis would get rid of a couple million Hunt down the rest Also cut wellfare for citizens and they will do the work vacated by the illegals Problem solved. We did not have this problem untill the New Deal in the early 40's
  11. Mike517

    help find gold in montana

    Montanagold, there are a lot of places to try with in 30 miles of Helena. North of Elliston at the head of Ophir creek and Dog creek ther used to be a few hardrock mines with large ore dumps. The same for otherside of the divide near MarysVille.Up near Park lake south of Helena look for old tailings also Davis Gulch and Last Chance Gulch.Tailing piles near Townsend on Indian creek. Several years ago an assay had these piles at good values. South of Winston there is some hardrock mines both gold and silver. My Grandfather had a patented silver mine that my sisters own today in the Winston area. There are lots of places just find the signs of past mining and most people will let you detect if you ask.
  12. Mike517

    Anyone speak GPS?

    Chris, I use Maptech and also the Garman Topo software. If I go somewhere I can download from the computer to the gps a topo of where I will be going. I use the Garman GPSIII plus. It is a very good unit I got mine for 190.00 you can still get them new if you look around, They make the GPS V now so the III is out of production but still about as good as any out there Mike