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  1. So I emailed this to Minelab lets see who else would be interested in this Next Gen Minelab GPSx series... with Built in GPS Less stuff to carry, plus possibly the ability to plot targets and upload them to your pc for making grids
  2. Does anyone know of any shops online or Store in Arizona/Nevada/SoCal that Finance or offer financing? Id really like to pick up a 4500 but I cant afford to drop that kind of money at one time thx
  3. outtaplace


    Lunk I grew up in CDA.. you go back into Prichard area alot?
  4. outtaplace

    dry washer

    .. looks like all of us in the colorado river valley are looking to get a drywasher... Needles, California here
  5. outtaplace

    dry washer

    Can you send me a picture please ytwogames@yahoo.com
  6. looks like an area ive been near Globe
  7. outtaplace

    Silver or lead?

    the red are little pebbles
  8. outtaplace

    Silver or lead?

    Working on pic now of both sides
  9. Recently I came upon an area and found a "Clump" of Silverish stuff. Is there a Home made way for me to tell if its Silver or lead? I tried to clean it by putting it in Jewlery cleaner, all that did was turn it grey, making me think it might be lead, but I dunno, since the area it was found was heavily mined for silver in the old days
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    1oz. Silver Eagle Coins

    This compultion of sites is VERY handy http://www.dealzconnection.com/
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    For Sale

    Outstanding detector Billy Thanks for the great sale. Only thing I couldnt find was the Manual. Not a big deal. i can probably download one online. Excellent shape.. and the test nugget was ALOT bigger then I expected. Thanks for a great trading experience I just downloaded the manual from the website.
  12. outtaplace

    For Sale

  13. outtaplace

    For Sale

    $380 shipped?
  14. I am looking for things to do, so I thought I would try metal detecting. I live in Needles California.. Basically Im looking for a good used detector for less then $500 Nuggetshooting and old relics.. coins etc. I have my eye on detectors that should meet my price range Im just now having a hard time choosing which to buy My choices are Tesoro Lobo Super Traq Fisher Gold Bug 2 Due to the mineralization of the desert areas I was more leaning torwards the Tesoro... Can someone offer opinions as to the two detectors for the area , or maybe even another detector? Thank You