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    Help on Jim Straight Book

    Though I might just give this a little bump up. Anybody even have the 8th? LOL
  2. Hello all! I can not seem to find a copy to purchase of the 8th Edition of Jim Straight's Follow the Drywashers Vol 3. The Nuggetshooters Bible. I have the 6th Edition and I would like to see what has been updated and added since. I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to let me borrow their's. I would only need it for a couple weeks to compare. I would pay for shipping both ways (PayPal friends), I could even put a deposit down or something. Would anyone be willing to give a hand? Thanks!
  3. afreakofnature

    Help on Jim Straight Book

    Hey Chris! Thanks fir the offer, but I already have this one. Another good book!
  4. afreakofnature

    Customer's first Find!

    Hell yeah! The bug has started!
  5. afreakofnature

    Heavy rains in central AZ

    Its raining everywhere this year! Everyday it rains up here. Its still so green and with it.........bugs! Lol. Expose that BR nature!
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    Customer snags one..

    Nice gold!