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  1. Instructions and exchange2 software found. Feel free to make an offer.
  2. With a little trepidation........I am selling my CTX 3030. This is used but never abused and always well taken care of. This is probably less used than most, as I am mainly a prospector and not much of a relic hunter. No more warranty. Up do date on all firmware and gaskets. Everything works perfect. I will even include my "custom made" travel rod. I never got to try it, but should work great!You get everything that was in the box except the instructions (which can be downloaded from Minelab)Original Box (not shown in photos)17 inch Minelab coil with extra cover.6 inch Minelab coiland my custom made travel rod.(Everything you see in the photos is what you will be getting)Cash or PayPal Friends and Family (you can even use your Credit Card but PayPal will charge you 4%)PM me if interested or have questions.
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    Customer's first Find!

    Hell yeah! The bug has started!
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    Heavy rains in central AZ

    Its raining everywhere this year! Everyday it rains up here. Its still so green and with it.........bugs! Lol. Expose that BR nature!
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    Customer snags one..

    Nice gold!