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  1. SlowNLow

    Another Mystery Target

    Navigation lights from a UFO, apparently it malfunctioned, better search the area for strange objects that you may have missed.
  2. Very nice, about how many yards can you run per hour in the real world with one or two operators.Wish we could do that in California....
  3. Great minds think alike....lol but yeah I tried it, perhaps one day i will make another attempt at building a better conveyor system that works.
  4. I had a belt similar to his , it has its limitations as it piles up rather fast cause it dumps right to the ground and the pile builds up and hits the belt 2:46 on his YouTube video . It would work well if it had a second conveyor that takes the waste up and away much higher form the unit. Then you can just use the front end loader and take it away. Picture below was my attempt at using a conveyor , the problem I had was the belt was hitting the side of the metal enclosure creating major resistance to the motor, hence it burned 2 motor at 400 bucks each !!! So after number 2 got fried i modified it to dump off the side. This way all I do is take the loader and scoop it and dump it, as for now it will stay as it is. The continuous duty vibrating grizzly screen works great and the rocks just shake down to the ground.
  5. Here in California we are limited with all the regulations, the only option for me is metal detecting and dryblowing. I built it three years ago but every time I tested it I found I had to do more modifications. Right now it works very good and captures the fine gold pretty good. Of course working alone it has its limitations as far as how much material you can run but still much better then the pick and shovel. The trommel will process much more material and you will have better results do to dirt clogs broken down and its just a better recovery system with water. Anyways good luck! Hope you find some good gold....
  6. Here is my toy, designed and built by yours truly .... Nice trommel.....
  7. SlowNLow

    Some Fun Au Facts

    305,760,000,000,000,000,000 way to large of a number before coffee...this morning.
  8. No doubt Chris..,,took a break from the lately illusive gold and did some relic hunting instead. This was found in a Chinese camp in the southern Sierra foothills...
  9. Found one a few weeks back, its a Chinese weight scale weight...
  10. May be a stupid question, but if I buy a new Equinox...will it have the update installed or will I have to install it?
  11. Hey Jen, Keep up the great work! Sweet gold .......
  12. Hi Jen, I have done the same...had the NF 20" Mono round...I do have to say I did find a nice solid 15 gram piece about 19 inches down...but thats it..sold it. Had the 18" Elite liked it but a bit heavy , found as few pieces..got rid of it do to terrain I hunt. My favorite size coil these days is 15" Monos...I dont see any reason to have one larger than a 18"...although I am a dreamer...and dream of that huge lunk still waiting out of reach, down about 2-3 feet on some of my worked out areas...and patches. Maybe just maybe....one of these new coils like the X-Coil or Detech will reach it. But I will wait and see what the reviews say out in the field.