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  1. No doubt Chris..,,took a break from the lately illusive gold and did some relic hunting instead. This was found in a Chinese camp in the southern Sierra foothills...
  2. Found one a few weeks back, its a Chinese weight scale weight...
  3. May be a stupid question, but if I buy a new Equinox...will it have the update installed or will I have to install it?
  4. Hey Jen, Keep up the great work! Sweet gold .......
  5. Hi Jen, I have done the same...had the NF 20" Mono round...I do have to say I did find a nice solid 15 gram piece about 19 inches down...but thats it..sold it. Had the 18" Elite liked it but a bit heavy , found as few pieces..got rid of it do to terrain I hunt. My favorite size coil these days is 15" Monos...I dont see any reason to have one larger than a 18"...although I am a dreamer...and dream of that huge lunk still waiting out of reach, down about 2-3 feet on some of my worked out areas...and patches. Maybe just maybe....one of these new coils like the X-Coil or Detech will reach it. But I will wait and see what the reviews say out in the field.
  6. Hmmm cool.....but a new dilemma ...19" Nuggetfinder Evo...vs...25" Search DD coil...for depth on large nuggets.
  7. SlowNLow

    Equinox Relic Hunt

    I am getting the ole relic hunt itch back...
  8. For sale a beautiful " Mojave Gold Nugget" found 21 years with my Whites goldmaster 2 detector. Includes shipping ...750.00 I except PayPal or a Money Order Postal check.
  9. Dropping it to 44.31 per gram.....698.00 includes shipping. Paypal or Postal check only. p.m. for any questions
  10. One beautiful specimen..good balance of gold and quartz...
  11. Always nice to find military relics....nice job.
  12. I change my name once a while.....going for a 15" round Evo next time. Good luck out in the gold fields....the gold is waiting.
  13. Hi Jen, Yup if I wouldn't have sold you my large Evo I would have one to swing 🤣 .
  14. My next coil.....great job!
  15. Awesome...a day to remember!! Congrats tot he finder.
  16. SlowNLow

    Freshly dug GPZ nug!

    Sweet nugget and congrats.
  17. SlowNLow

    12" Evo @ 82

    How sweet is that, way to go !!
  18. Mike I agree , but gold usually tends to be a fear trade for geopolitical reasons, not necessary economic ones. Improved US-North Korean relations and a recent cooling of tensions in some parts of the Middle East have made gold less attractive. Panic and sudden changes can make people rush into gold, for now at least that fear factor has been absent but things can change very fast. The shift from the dollar is taking place and its real...European central banks, China, Russia, Venezuela, Iran, India and many more countries are doing away with their dollar reserves and replacement them with the Yuan and other currencies. The new paradigm shift from the West to East is not going to change anytime soon. Although I agree with Trumps economic agenda domestically and internationally this will have a negative effect for everyone including our own economy as we will see a tit for tat retaliation. Production costs going up, depletion of existing mines and new explorations have not discovered any significant reserves as they did in the past. For these reasons and a few others IMHO gold will continue going up in price.
  19. Its going up...2019 because of a number of factors, trade wars and the aggressive policies of the U.S. are making emerging economies withdraw from dollar assets . Repatriation of gold from U.S. and British vaults...and a possible conflict with Iran will effect the oil/natural gas markets....which will IMHO create a huge demand for physical gold.