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  1. On 12/5/2018 at 3:28 PM, Jennifer Bond said:

    You won't be dissapointed, I HIGHLY recommend you call Chris ASAP and get one ordered... if in doubt, check out ONE of my recent posts sharing my Nugget Finder Evolution success... I've had a couple of the Evo's and they've found me big gold with quiet smooth threshold, you'll LOVE IT!!!!!!

    Not to mention Chris has the best service of all the dealers I've shopped with... he'll take care of you.



    Hi Jen,


    Yup if I wouldn't have sold you my  large Evo I would have one  to swing 🤣 . 😆

  2. Mike  I agree , but  gold usually tends to be a fear trade for geopolitical reasons, not necessary economic ones. Improved US-North Korean relations and a recent cooling of tensions in some parts of the Middle East have made gold less attractive. Panic and sudden changes can make  people rush into gold, for now at least that fear factor has been absent but things can change very fast. The shift from the dollar is taking place and its real...European central banks, China, Russia, Venezuela, Iran, India and many more countries are doing away with their dollar reserves and replacement them with the Yuan and other currencies. The new paradigm shift from  the West to East is not going to change anytime soon. Although I agree with Trumps economic agenda domestically and internationally this will have a negative effect for everyone including our own economy as we will see a tit for tat retaliation.  Production costs going up, depletion of existing mines  and new explorations have not discovered any significant reserves as they did in the past. For these reasons and a few others IMHO gold will continue going up in price.