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    SlowNLow reacted to DOC in Is it really better? You decide!   
    Some posters on other forums rightly questioned whether the Gold SPOT™ Treasure Scoop was really any better than a regular treasure scoop.  Well, I already knew the answer to that question.  You see for a year I have been working on the Gold SPOT™ design.  I played with it I re-designed it, I proto-typed it 5 times.  I wanted a design that would speed up nugget recovery and make it easier to keep the nugget in the scoop and not lose it.

    Remember, I'm the guy who had a catastrophic failure with the SAGA swing arm, and within days of release, I recalled them all from the field.   They just did not perform as they were supposed to.  I went back to the drawing board and sunk thousands more dollars into redesigning and perfecting the SAGA™.  I won't sell something unless I know it is a significant improvement over anything on the market.

    But just to show you what I already know, I decided to do a little impromptu video, an experiment.  The video is unedited, except for the very end where I panned across an invoice with a customer's address on it that was sitting on the shipping table, I clipped that out.  Watch the Gold SPOT™ in action and see what you think.

    Not to over-hype the Gold SPOT™ but one of the unique features of this scoop is that you can "HEAR" the gold.  I know that sounds like an outrageous claim, but let me explain.  When you get down to a small amount of dirt in a regular scoop along with a nugget and you agitate the scoop back and forth, the nugget does nothing but slide back and forth on the smooth bottom of the scoop.  When you get down to a small amount of dirt in the Gold SPOT™ along with the nugget and you agitate the scoop the nugget rattles back and forth in the trough or channel clicking against the sides of the channel.  Cool, right? 

    I know we are getting quite a few Gold SPOTs™ out in the field and I would like to hear some feedback.  Although if you are like me you are probably staying in out of the heat.  -Doc
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    SlowNLow got a reaction from clay in Mystery artifact from the Mother Lode!   
    Found one a few weeks back, its a Chinese weight scale weight...

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    SlowNLow reacted to dick ward in Over 20 years between pictures   
    Hard to believe that I was dumb enough to go sampling in old shafts.  I found a few specimens but took way to many chances.

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    SlowNLow reacted to Chris Gholson in Over 20 years between pictures   
    Hey Rob, wow what a blast from the past! Great stuff man, I love the pics. The good old days, when I had hair and the nuggets were stacked half a foot deep on the bedrock!  If I remember right, that top photo was the day we hit that 1/4-oz pocket with your 4" dredge. Lots of good memories from all those trips we made into the back country. We need to plan something for the fall. In the meantime, here are a few I found on my computer...

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    SlowNLow reacted to Chris Gholson in Freshly Dug Desert Gold!   
    A good friend spent a couple of weeks out in the Arizona desert social distancing and swinging his Minelab GPZ 7000 metal detector. The photo below is of all the gold he found, which totals over an ounce. The two biggest nuggets combined weighed in at 14-grams. Congratulations on your success, you added some beautiful pieces to the collection! Thank you again for letting me share with everyone. 

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    SlowNLow reacted to Chris Gholson in Hitting an old patch with the GPZ!   
    I was able to get out into the desert a while back to hit one of my old patches with the Minelab GPZ 7000. This was a spot I had done really well over the years with the GPX machines and taken a lot of nuggets from. Most of the pieces were less than 3 grams, but a few were in the ¼ and ½ oz. range. I knew it would be a great spot for the 7000 because all the easy, obvious targets were gone, and I thought most all the trash would be too…at least that’s what I thought. 
    Within five minutes I picked up my first nugget. I use the term nugget loosely because it probably only weighed 0.1g. I kept spiraling around the hillside and was blown away by how many small bits of trash were still left. Some of the wire fragments that sounded off on the GPZ blew me away; I could barely see them in my hand! I even found a target in one of my old dig holes.
    Most of what I pulled from the old patch was trash, but I did walk away with 18 nuggets for a grand total of about 6-grams. Not too shabby. The GPZ is a heavy machine, and to be honest I still prefer the “feel” of my GPX, especially when putting in long days. However, if you don’t mind digging lots of holes chasing small targets, the 7000 will pull even the tiniest nuggets at amazing depths. I was totally impressed...Now only if they can get the electronics of a 7000 inside an Equinox housing!  Happy hunting everyone – stay safe!

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    SlowNLow reacted to trinityau in WTB Nokta Fors Relic   
    Basically the same unit, check the NOKTA website, actually better in some respects.
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    SlowNLow reacted to Chris Gholson in Mystery artifact from the Mother Lode!   
    I just got word from the owner that he was able to find someone to translate. It reads "Invest a Little - Receive Great Wealth". 
    Good bit of advice for gold prospectors, how cool!
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    SlowNLow reacted to Chris Gholson in Mystery artifact from the Mother Lode!   
    A customer of mine over in the California just texted me this photo of an awesome find. He hiked way down into the bottom of a canyon and was hunting the bedrock along the river when he came across a good signal. After quite a bit of digging & chipping, out pops this incredible medallion! The characters appear to be Chinese, but I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s not rusty either, so I’m wondering what type of metal it might be. If anyone out there has any ideas as to what it could be, he would certainly enjoy hearing them. 

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    SlowNLow reacted to Chris Gholson in Great day - Bob scores his first Nugget!!!   
    Yesterday I held my first metal detecting class of the winter season, and I have to say it is off to a great start…I was joined by Bob and his wife Camille from Florida, and Tom from Nevada. Bob was retired Army and law enforcement and Camille was a retired firefighter. Tom is also currently working in law enforcement with the Sherriff’s Dept. just outside Vegas. I joked and told them that I never felt safer, and if I ever was going to have an emergency, today was the day to have it! 
    They were a wonderful group of people, and we had a blast out there in the hills. The coolest part of the day was when I heard Bob yelling my name. When I finally reached him he had a huge grin on his face. He held up his green scoop and inside I could see a shiny gold nugget! We yelled and high-fived to celebrate his very first “detected” nugget! His wife came running over and we had a mini celebration right there in the desert.  I felt so lucky to be part of that experience. 
    It was a whole lot of fun and I want to thank them all again for making the trip over to see me. I appreciate the business and the new friendships. Here are a few photos from our excursion.  

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    SlowNLow reacted to dick ward in EQUINOX Software Upgrade 2.0   
    The upgrade was quick and easy. Even for an old slow guy like me. 😎
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    SlowNLow reacted to fredmason in EQUINOX Software Upgrade 2.0   
    You will probably have to do the install...the replacement they sent me did not have the update.
    very simple, if I could do anyone can....
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    SlowNLow got a reaction from Jennifer Bond in X-Search by Nugget Finder - NEW!!!   
    Hmmm cool.....but a new dilemma ...19" Nuggetfinder Evo...vs...25" Search DD coil...for depth on large nuggets. 
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    SlowNLow got a reaction from Jennifer Bond in X-Search by Nugget Finder - NEW!!!   
    Hey Jen,
    Keep up the great work! Sweet gold .......
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    SlowNLow reacted to Jennifer Bond in X-Search by Nugget Finder - NEW!!!   
    19" NF EVO all the way. 😉
    You can't find a nugget at any depth if your coil is so big that you can't get it between the scrub to get over the gold or it's back in the car out of frustration.
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    SlowNLow got a reaction from Jennifer Bond in X-Search by Nugget Finder - NEW!!!   
    Hi Jen,
    I have done the same...had the NF 20" Mono round...I do have to say I did find a nice solid 15 gram piece about 19 inches down...but thats it..sold it. Had the 18" Elite liked it but  a bit heavy , found as few pieces..got rid of it do to terrain I hunt. My favorite size coil these days is 15" Monos...I dont see any reason to have one larger than a 18"...although I am a dreamer...and dream of that huge lunk still waiting out of reach, down about 2-3 feet on some of my worked out areas...and patches. Maybe just maybe....one of these new coils like the X-Coil or Detech will reach it. But I will wait and see what the reviews say out in the field. 
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    SlowNLow reacted to Chris Gholson in X-Search by Nugget Finder - NEW!!!   
    SlowNLow, if the ground mineralization is fairly mellow, I would opt for the 19" EVO. I have been able to easily balance a GPX with the 19" in most of the places I detect here in AZ. However, if you struggle to balance your machine with a Mono in your area and have to use either Auto Tracking, drop the Rx Gain, or use Timings such as Smooth or Enhance, then I would sit tight and wait on the 25" DD.
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    SlowNLow reacted to Chris Gholson in Back from Mexico!   
    Hi everyone,
    My family I just got back into the country this week from a wonderful trip down into Mexico. I had visited the country before, but this was my first trip deep into the interior. The primary spots we explored were Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende, both of which are in the mountainous country to the NW of Mexico City. The traveling went fairly smooth except they lost our luggage, so we had to stay in the same clothes for three days, but eventually it found its way back to us. 
    Both places had stunning old homes, cathedrals and cobble stone streets. Everyone I looked there seemed to be history. The Spaniards arrived in the region in 1522, led by a guy named Cristóbal de Olid. A few years later another Spaniard named Nuño Beltran de Guzmán led a force of 300 soldiers and a native army of more than 10,000 into the area. Countless indigenous peoples were killed and many communities in the region destroyed, but in the end the Purépecha were defeated and the area came under Spanish control. In 1552, Captain Juan de Jaso discovered rich silver deposits in the mountains surrounding Guanajuato and subsequently established Real de Minas (The Royal Mines). This discovery led to the rapid settlement of the region throughout the 16th and 17th centuries. 
    There were so many people milling about and we encountered just about every sort of street vendor you could imagine. We found that the cheapest and best tasting food came from the stands and not the restaurants. I have no idea what half the stuff I ate was, but it tasted great! We met up with a local rancher and did a full day trail ride through the hills. We also zip-lined across the canyons and rented to quads to explore the countryside away from the city. It was an absolute blast! The people were super friendly and I never felt as if we in danger; even though I was walking the allies with two blond haired girls. Going off what the media says, I half expected to be abducted by a cartel, but this simply wasn’t the case. It was safe and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back. If you are looking for an adventure for yourself or your family, a trip to this part of Mexico is certainly worth consideration. Here are a couple of photos from our trip…

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    SlowNLow reacted to Chris Gholson in Not your average bullet casing!   
    Hey Matt,
    That’s a shame to hear you guys were hassled, and I agree that it’s sneaky to question the minor before the adult. Kudos to your son, he sounds like a smart kid. 
    Laws like this are so foolish. There’s nothing wrong about wanting to preserve and protect our historical sites for future generations. They are our heritage and a testament to those that came before us, and deserving of our respect. I get that, but what I don’t get is the people they target; like you and your son. The real threat in my opinion are the vandals armed with spray paint and hundreds of rounds of ammo. I can’t even tell you how many old stone cabins and adobe structures I have run across over the years that are tagged with all sorts of graffiti and filled with more holes than Swiss cheese. These people are the real danger to our antiquities, not the guy out in the field digging a few shallow holes with his detector. The current mindset here in the US seems to be, “It’s better to let those relics rust away into oblivion versus someone actually digging them up and preserving in a private collection.” I think if our laws were closer to those over in Europe we would see a lot more cool artifacts showing up in our museums…
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    SlowNLow reacted to Chris Gholson in Not your average bullet casing!   
    I came across these photos this morning and couldn’t remember if I had shared them or not. A friend & customer up in Oregon was detecting along when he dug up this old .45-75 rifle cartridge. He almost tossed it into the bushes, but noticed there was something wrapped around it. A closer inspection revealed that a piece of cork had been shoved into the open end and a wire was wrapped around to keep it secure. He decided to take it apart and find out what was inside. What happened next is something many of us dream about, but for him it actually happened. He pulled out the cork and watched in shock as nugget after nugget rolled out! The cartridge had been converted into a makeshift gold poke for an old-time miner. The five small nuggets inside didn’t add up to a lot of weight, but what an amazing piece of pioneer history. Incredible find, thank you for sharing with us! 

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    SlowNLow reacted to ColoradoGoldMan in Just picked up the GPX 5000 from Chris   
    Yahoo i just gave Chris my debit card for the purchase of the that smoking deal on the never used GPX5000 in the classifieds. I have to say Chris has great service and is great to work with. I also picked up a 12” nugget finder round Evo for it. For the really fine gold here. I don’t think I ever had so good of a purchase as I have had with Chris. Great guy very knowledgeable and friendly. What a pleasure.
    Thank you Chris for all you do, and going the extra mile.
    CH Perdue   
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    SlowNLow reacted to Chris Gholson in Mexican EVO Gold   
    I sold a Nugget Finder 17x13” EVO Coil to a prospector down in Mexico and asked if he would mind sending me photos of his finds. Well the other day I got a message with these pics and a note saying, “La major bobina para mi GPX 5000 gracias amigos!” Which I think translates roughly to: Thank you, this is my favorite coil…Here are a few golden finds from his first outing with the new coil.

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    SlowNLow reacted to LukeJ in The Equinox   
    Nice finds Dean.
    Definitely looking forward to what else will be turned up with the Equinox in the next few months.
    I'm hoping to score some nuggets with it here soon....
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    SlowNLow reacted to bado1 in Equinox Relic Hunt   
    Got out yesterday and did a little old house and curb strip hunting. Really fun hunt as the owners were a great group of young guys doing some garage band practice. They gave me the run of the place and an invitation to go back. Found a little silver and some other neat old relics...


    Holy cow! The pics turned out huge with the new website format. Gonna have to resize differently.

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    SlowNLow reacted to bado1 in Equinox Relic Hunt   
    I took the Equinox to an old rail road yard and ran it in Field 2 mode. Tried a couple of different Iron Bias settings and settled on 2. Speed setting 6... the iron trash is thick. The Equinox is incredibly fast and separates very, very well even wearing the 11" coil. I was able to pick some cool relics out of the iron including my first Indian Head Penny and a really odd shell casing... a .38-55. Early reports on the Equinox have been excellent on all fronts.