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  1. Walt_Anchorage

    What are they hiding?

    I thought about that but it doesn't look the same as other watering holes in the area but probably is.
  2. I like to hunt old town sites. On page 61 of the Arizona Atlas & Gazetteer map I saw the name “Barkerville (Site)” which looked interesting. I checked it out on Google Earth and noticed an anomaly. About ¾ of a mile north of the site there was a blurred out area. It was intentionally hidden from view. I had to find out more. When I got there barbed wire fencing prevented access to the Barkerville site and No Trespassing signs kept me from going up the road to the blurred out area. I don't own a drone but I may have to buy one to investigate what they are keeping from view on Google Earth. Your thoughts?