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  1. Man, what a beauty! That will help pay off a 7000 quickly! Dean
  2. Dick those are some great old pics! You were much braver than I ...I have never liked going in to old shafts and never ventured far in to them. Dean
  3. Dick, Post them up! The old pics are a lot of fun. Hope all is well with you. Dean
  4. Awesome pics of you guys! Fun stuff! Dean
  5. Well done! I love that sized coil. Good all-rounder. Dean
  6. Sweet! Congrats...the first one is the most memorable! Dean
  7. Dbado1

    19 ounce monster

    Wow! What a monster!! These types of "monsters" are prevalent in my dreams ! Thanks for posting this vid, Jen...keeps me motivated in this cold, snowy weather. Dean
  8. Beautiful nugget! Very rough looking. Dean
  9. I live near Chris and heard it too...then another sonic boom again on Tuesday night. I hope they find it. Dean
  10. I'm guessing it's made of silver. Nice blackish patina. Very cool find! Dean
  11. Nice! That's a confidence builder!! Dean
  12. Very nice setup, Jennifer! No where for the nugs to hide now! The auger is a great addition. Comes in handy for planting trees and shrubs too. Although.... a post hole digger builds character . Dean
  13. Impressive! I love the "Hobo Nickel" ring carved from a buffalo nickel. Very cool. Dean
  14. Nice! I know a few places that Kubota would come in handy. Dean
  15. Funny stuff, Mike! Thanks! Happy New Year everyone! Dean