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  1. I live near Chris and heard it too...then another sonic boom again on Tuesday night. I hope they find it. Dean
  2. I'm guessing it's made of silver. Nice blackish patina. Very cool find! Dean
  3. Nice! That's a confidence builder!! Dean
  4. Very nice setup, Jennifer! No where for the nugs to hide now! The auger is a great addition. Comes in handy for planting trees and shrubs too. Although.... a post hole digger builds character . Dean
  5. Impressive! I love the "Hobo Nickel" ring carved from a buffalo nickel. Very cool. Dean
  6. Nice! I know a few places that Kubota would come in handy. Dean
  7. Funny stuff, Mike! Thanks! Happy New Year everyone! Dean
  8. Yeah, the swing arms are the bomb! Really helps with coil control... especially swinging the angles of a wash. The new one looks awesome! Dean
  9. Merry Christmas to the AZO family members! Dean
  10. I didn't want to leave the 70+* days! It was, as usual, a great hunt. The new ground holds promise for future successful hunts. Beat Up, What gold fields are you headed to? Best wishes for a safe and successful trip! Dean
  11. Nice nugs, Chris! The lid is very cool. I love finding relics like that. Dean
  12. Congrats to the finder! Cool looking piece. Dean
  13. What a beautiful place! Nice videography. Great work getting the kids involved. Dean