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  1. Wow, beautiful! Just wishing....
  2. Thanks for the reply, Gerard. Yeah, different tools for different jobs is a positive. I was mainly wondering about how the Minelab Mono coils at 11” and 8” compare in terms of timing settings, sensitivity, etc., just to compare those two that I already have. When I become more advanced with detecting with my 4500, I probably will start trying to fine tune my collection of coils with even different manufacturers offerings. Thanks for the welcome, I appreciate it!
  3. Hello! It's a pleasure to finally become a member here! So, for my first post on this informative forum, I am hoping to get some experienced observations regarding the differences seen between using an 8" ML mono coil vs. the 11" ML mono coil on a GPX. I recently started detecting with an 11" ML mono in two areas that have small bits of gold, but also have lots of rocks and/or shrubs that are tight to work around. Both sites have only very localized areas of mineralized ground. Also, there are sharp v-shaped bottomed gullies at both sites that would be good to detect in, but they are tight as well. So, I got an 8" ML mono coil and was wondering what people who have used both of these coils in the field think about them and what differences they have experienced between the two in terms of any optimum detector setting differences and coil performance differences (GPX setting differences, depth and detectable target size)? Thanks!