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  1. Hey All, I just turned on my laptop and found this article about researchers finding gold in our feces. It is in an article from AFP. I was going to copy and paste it but I can't figure out how to do it right. sourdough
  2. sourdough

    Out for a day...

    Sounds like good times. I wish there were places like that in my neck of the woods. sourdough
  3. sourdough

    this ain't a nugget!!??

    Congrat's Matt, I just looked it up in the 2015 Red Book and it's listed from $750.00 to $1,750.00. I'm no expert as far as judging condition so you might want to take it to a coin dealer and have it appraised by someone that knows what they're doing. sourdough
  4. Great video Chris, and a nice little nugget too. sourdough
  5. sourdough

    Gold pocket watch

    That is a VERY COOL video, thank you so very much for sharing it with all of us. That has to be a find of a life time. sourdough
  6. sourdough

    Jim Straight

    Jim, I wish you the best and a speedy recovery. sourdough
  7. sourdough

    Finally, got a nugget!!!

    Nice find, keep it up. sourdough
  8. Happy belated Birthday Jerry, Sorry that I missed it. Hope all is well for you. sourdough
  9. sourdough

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Chris, I wish you many more and may you find gold everywhere you look. sourdough
  10. obtaimbremo, get out of here and push your spam somewhere else, please.... Chris, PLEASE get rid of this person. sourdough
  11. sourdough

    springtime gold

    Nice nugg's Bob, keep 'em coming. sourdough
  12. Wolves in AZ. might not be that bad of a thing to have over there. It might slow down the traffic from the south just a bit, if there were enough of them.
  13. How much do you think that the first addition would go for with an autograph in it? sourdough
  14. Chris, Glad I could be of service. sourdough p.s. My vacation is over now and I have to go back to work tomorrow. WORK is a FOUR letter word.....
  15. Hi Chris, In answer to your first question, I wouldn't use much more than soap and water as it would detract from the value of the coin. Most old coins will bring more in thier currant state rather than being cleaned. As to your second question, as far as I know, ALL coins are exempt. As they are still US currancy. (I could be wrong on that, but I don't thing so) For your third question, get a RED BOOK, last I heard, it was THE book on coin values. The fourth question, I (myself) would keep them separate just so neither scratches or marred the other. As for the fifth question, I have no idea. There are so many different type of relic's that you will probably have to have just as many books on the subject. I hope this helps some. sourdough