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  1. montanagold59635

    minelab extreme

    Is it sold?
  2. montanagold59635

    New detecting show to air!

    I am the only prospector of the bunch and have my own claims:0) Its all about finding treasure and having fun. Wont know about full season till the premer airs on the 28th but there is already talk about one.
  3. Just thought I would deop a line and announce the premere of the new metal detecting show called Diggers set to air on Feb 28th after the new episode of Doomsday preparers. It will be a back to back episode premere and there are plans to start filming a season this spring. Hope you all watch and enjoy.
  4. montanagold59635

    Got a full weekend of coin hunting in

    Those coins are as they came out, just a little soap and H2o, no polish or chemicals of any kind. Dug coins are considered circulated and yes they are worth money but when you send them in to be graded then you find out the value. Sure you don't want to go cleaning your coins with a wire brush and harsh chemicals but if you sent in an 1885 V nick that needed to be graded that was dug out of the ground it would be graded as corroded, trust me Ive done it. It has been assumed that I cleaned it with silver cleaner even though I stated how it was cleaned. Oh well doesn't matter I don't sell my stuff any way. Happy hunting Here is some more recent juice from the ground.
  5. I got the amp with speaker for the GP (detacc)
  6. montanagold59635

    Got a full weekend of coin hunting in

    not sure what it is Chris, looks like it may have been a pendant. I cleaned the SLQ up with just a little soap and water, there is not a scratch on it. All circulated coins are considered junk by collectors, and I never plan on selling my coins anyway. Its more about the hunt, I enjoy finding gold nuggets but the amount of different things you pull out when coin hunting is much more exciting to me. HH
  7. Did pretty darn well, My fav is the old shoe sign it was about 2 feet down.
  8. montanagold59635

    Hunt from 07/24

    It was stinkin hot but managed a couple hour hunt.
  9. Great story. Congrats on the ring, the gold ones are hard to find.
  10. The battery in my camcorder died so I didn't get to film. But I went back to the house built in 1880 and there was a guy next door working in the yard so He invited me over to hunt his yard to. I gave him a BERY token that I found because I have several. The SLQ I found sounded great but it was next to a metal fence so I wasn't able to pinpoint it so I ended up nicking it but oh well its in great shape and only my 4th SLQ. Thanks for looking and HH
  11. montanagold59635

    Hunt from 07/10

    Here is a link to the vid. Had a pretty good day.
  12. montanagold59635

    QED Advertising Comparison

    You say new and emerging products. I think Chris does a great job inviting new products onto the forum. The problem is that the QED is not emerging yet, and Im sure that when it does he will be one of the first to try it out. Until then lets wait.
  13. Thats so Great!!! Thanks for sharin. That is some good looking gold. Congrats!
  14. montanagold59635

    Minelab Repair

    10 months with a Minelab coin detector! Need I say more!