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  1. Chris Sign me up for one also. Looks like a real action packed video. J.P. is a great editor. Mike
  2. OregonMike

    Coil question?

    JP I am not being paid buy any one and I think the NF coil are the best on the market. I have used NF Coil Tec and Commander Coils. I find the NF coils to hold a more even threshold and seem to be stronger at the shaft connector. I am looking at adding a couple of 16" coils to my collection. Sense I am guessing you have tried the slandered model and the ultra light. Which ones would you get for prospecting in uneven ground and rock terrain often found here in Oregon? (I am concerned the ultra light might not be as sturdy as the solid round coils). Thank you Mike
  3. OregonMike

    nf coils?

    I am glad to see you have another video on the way. I have both of Jp's videos. They are worth there weight in gold. I recently purchased a GP3500 and Jp’s Videos saved me months in the field figuring out all the controls. I am also glade to see you make some here in the US Keep them coming!!!!!!!