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  1. Fisher CZ-21 with 8" coil, Fisher headphone, bag for control head, and manual. Hardly used (4-5 times), bought new, excellent working condition. $800
  2. Three coils for Minelab GPX series metal detectors: 1. 25" Nugget Finder round mono coil, near new. $550. 2. 14" Nugget Finder elliptical coil and new coil cover. Well used but still working great. $200 for both. 3. 16" Coiltek Gold Stalker round mono coil. Working well. Has hairline crack glued shut. $200 as is.
  3. White GMT with Twin D Goldmaster coil, 7X4 DD Shooter coil and shaft, 14X8 Sierra GoldMax coil, Jimmy Sierra headphone, manual and "Complete, Unabridged Zip Zip" book. Machine is in good working order and looks pretty good, athough used.
  4. Well, too much rain in the forecast for me. Will have to cancel. Hope you guys find some big ones all bright and shiny! Ron
  5. My wife and I will be there. She is bringing cornbread casserole. MMM. We have a table. Looking forward to freshly washed nuggets!
  6. Used Minelab GPX 4000 for sale, has been a great gold getting machine! $2200 plus shipping. Located in Havasu, AZ. Also includes: 11” DD Search Coil with coil cover 8” Mono Search Coil with coil cover Super Sound DETacc signal enhancer Koss headphones Cuff cover All Terrain box cover Backpack with battery holder Minelab GPX 4000 Lithium ion battery with power cable AC and DC charging cords GPX 4000 manual Booklet - Chris Gholson’s Nugget Patch Guide for GPX 4000 settings DVD – “The GPX Factor” by Jonathan Porter Original Minelab box Please call Ron at 6058913853.
  7. Chris sold me a 25" Nugget Finder coil. This is the first gold I have found with it. It is only .7 grams, and half of it is quartz and magnetite. So pleased it can find the little stuff, too! Was approx. 4" down in a hard-hit club claim.
  8. Thanks Grubstake, that is an option that I will probably take since parts are not easy to find.
  9. Took my GPX 4000 out of the camper and the ground balance button came off and I can't find it anywhere. The inside assembly is still intact. I just need a new button, but it looks like I'll have to buy the whole assembly for $80+. Has anyone tried to retrofit something to take the place of that blue top button? Any suggestions would help - thanks!
  10. The Nuggetfinder coil can be used on GP, SD, and GPX series Minelab metal detectors. It is a 14” elliptical mono web style that is in good condition. It has an almost new skid plate. It is highly sensitive to metallic targets, is lightweight and easy to swing. The coil is ideal for use on most any type of terrain, including exposed bedrock areas and punches down to depths of 12-16 inches depending on the extent of mineralization, size and depth of target and amount of ground cover to penetrate. Asking $250 plus the shipping charge (US only). I will accept cash if you are local to the Lake Havasu area or cashier’s check to cover the shipping and price of the coil. Paypal accepted. No personal checks or trades. Actual size of the coil is 14” long, 9” wide. BHRon
  11. Mike, Yes, it's a little piece of quartzy looking material, when looked at with the loop. There's a little more on the back side. Looking forward to getting some more! BH Ron
  12. Here's a nugget I found with the GP 4000 last week. Took 8 days of patient hunting, but it was worth it! It was by a tin can which I decided to kick out of the way, down about 8 inches. Used 14" NF coil, lots of hot rocks all around. Weighs 1.1 grams. BH Ron