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  1. indianrainmaker

    WTB a Stock 11" DD Minelab Coil

    Gus If you are still looking for the coil I have one with some very light scratches on the skid plate I will let it go for $55.00 Shipping included. Thanks, Bill
  2. Last week while we were out camping in northern Nevada, My two boy's and I decided to go metal detecting around some old hunting camps, I didn't expect to find much of anything out in the area but decided to give it a try. I found a few clad coins, one 1956 wheat penny, and a bunch of bullets. At one of the sites that I detected I found a nice gold toned ST. Christopher Medal. The best find that I came across was along one of the roads that I had seen an old dump site. I decided to try my luck around the dump, I didn't find anything at the dump, but I detected my way back to the road and I found an amazing little 14k gold pendant with 22 small Diamonds and an 1851 Liberty Head gold dollar in it.
  3. indianrainmaker

    Nevada Hunt

    Good job Gus. some pretty nice looking nuggets there,
  4. indianrainmaker

    Patch in a Pan..

    Good job Gus it's nice to see somebody getting some good gold out there. Bill
  5. indianrainmaker

    Coin Help?

    I reciently found what I believe is a Nickel that is a cool looking mistake. What I am wondering is this coin worth anything or is it just a cool coin to look at. Thanks, Bill
  6. indianrainmaker

    Saturday's Hunt

    From my research Betty O'Neal was a small mining camp that went off and on from 1881 and 1932, peaking in 1922. Most of the miners lived in battle mountain about 4 miles away. My guess is that the token was from the company store. Thanks, Bill
  7. indianrainmaker

    Saturday's Hunt

    Saturday I went out for a morning hunt, within the first few minutes I found a clad 1974 penney, I thought this would be a good day hunting. There was a lot of iron trash and bullets in the area I worked the area over fairly fast since it was a very big area that I have hunted only a couple of times before. About an hour of hunting went buy and I got a good strong signal of 28, so I decided to investigate what it was, and I found this very nice Nevada Trade Token that has "BETTY O'NEAL one one side of it and GOOD FOR 12 1/2 ¢ IN TRADE" on the other side of the coin. A little later in the day the only other coin that I found was a 1941 Wheat penny. Thanks Bill
  8. Nice gold Gus, I can't wait until Wrestling season is over so I can get a Weekend and go out and try my luck. Bill
  9. indianrainmaker

    Prospecting Trip To Oregon

    Hey Gus, I am glad to see that somebody had some luck on the Oregon Trip. I sure had a lot of fun even though I did not find anything. Bill